Auto pilot bugged


Hi, i’ve been have this kind of bug which doesn’t happen often, but when it happens i end up have to refresh my game because it won’t go away and i lose rank… I need help @Sarah247 @SilverBox


Umm… you’re…excuse me?? lol

Are you talking about Arena? This is a new bug :thinking:

I Replied without any constructive advice, sorry


Yes, i played something in auto-play, and when i got to the arena to play my daily missions, it was as it was a campaign mission…


We need User ids please?


10573058 is my ID.
DuduSantos is my username in game.


We weren’t able to reproduce this but the team still checking.
Thanks for reporting.


@Sarah247 it happens sometimes when i play some auto mission and go to the arena without take off the auto pilot, then it goes like that…


I have this bug too.

In case you need, my ID: 35274734


@Sarah247 we have another guy with said problem… It happens just sometimes but its quite boring right @Alejandro_Hernandez?


If bro, it’s annoying … I lost some battles for this.