Auto attack mode choice?

Click on auto mode and the bot will randomly/skillfully choose the most mathematical choice on every round.

You’re being sarcastic right?

I bet he would agree with HappyPoppers’ trash can idea.


But hay, this can be a solution if someone’s glitched lag style.

I recommend this idea to lagged players.

I recommend “not playing until your connection is more stable” to lagging players.

They like the idea of auto play better anyway, weather lag or not.

If this would be a thing the tiny remnant of skill still needed in this game would perish.

You don’t need skill to calculate the damage of what’s most likely recommended at the time.
Skill isn’t found in collection/strength. This game doesn’t even require a percentage of skill to play it.

If there was any skill found in this game, it would be in creativity/intelligence.
Chance doesn’t count a skill, more luck than skill.

This a game of luck, not a game of skill.

This game might actually matter and be important to those players lagging.

Ok, I know I said it wasn’t worth my time but here goes:

Why do I disagree with you andthink an auto fight feature is terrible? Because it would automate and alienate an already disconnected player base completely from what’s meant to be a competitive and interactive game. Why go through all the trouble to create all the complex weaponry, items etc. in this game and then turn it into a one button slot machine? It would be akin to turning a game of chess or checkers into a round of Russian roulette. There’s an element of luck in every game, but that’s not the point here. Also, this idea has nothing to do with lag. You have lag, stop playing until you get a better connection or deal with connection problems.

by the way, i’m finding it hard to find anything factual about what you’ve said.

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Competitions and interactions is your own personal matter, we don’t need belief/fraud writings on how ineffective my suggestion is. It’s an solution to players that have a connection delay.

You don’t need their interactions and they don’t need your comments, your of no use to the people with this issue. No one needs/recommends you and your opinion, people will only recommend results/fact and good sources.

The entire deal is, make the game better, or just don’t in this category care in making it better.
Do leave my post at once.

I give up, i’m clearly wasting my time. I sincerely hope for the sake of the game that the devs don’t take this idea for pvp seriously. There’s a place where you battle a computer, and that’s campaign.

The developers can be flexible with their developments, don’t post anymore of your beliefs on what the game doesn’t and does need.

This update will only make matches quicker and requires fewer options to play.
No more replies, it ends here.

I use no belief, only fact and results and any of your replies will be unacceptable.

Let me get Mouse Recorder Premium (despite the “Premium” in the name of the app it’s free) and record a script to auto all battles, then I’ll go to a shop for two hours and come back later to see how much s##t i’ve farmed up.

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Here is why the auto moves will not work:

For example, auto-move set to: Sword + shutgun.

However, the enemy has teleported out of range to the other side of map. Therefore, the auto-moves cannot be carried out.

Mech would jump closer to the enemy mech in order to attack.
Enemy pushes away.
Mech jumps closer.
Loop has been created.

That’s called “botting” which is probably not allowed. Many games I play don’t allow it :stuck_out_tongue:

You have a horrible way to discuss something !

Really horrible !


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What if they left the moment they’ve spotted your mech with higher HP? That’s an true issue.
Woops thought this was the discussion about escape pod post.