Aura's theory 🤔

So i was thinking that cats may become intelligent due to us just a thought next day a stray cat came near my door i was hidding and observing her behaviour firat it came close to the door and watched all around she pulled the door and then came inside i was impressed by it…

Then the next day same stray cat came and this time it was the other door and that did not had any puller to automatically close it and itjuat dangled so thia time the same cat came and the door was unlocked but it did not had any thing for the cat to pull on and open so then the cat thought of a solution and it banged he head in the door the door moved forward bounced back and opened so i was like TF how she calculated the physics and opened it

So this made my prediction some how true the door being a man made object made the cat think and then react accordingly thus the door caused the cats IQ to increase so what if our man made things pur interaction with humans made animals to at least 80IQ then will the animals be able to think and then they would create inventions and progress from stone evolution to industrial revolution
Afterall its my theory bothing else you go and chill maybe i am wrong maybe right…

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you can give children who are 3 years old an iPhone and can work it better than my 60 year old grandma

it’s the ability to retain information and use it accordingly. You teach something to someone and they learn it.

You only think opening a door is easy because you’ve done it so long it’s almost part of your nature but you weren’t born with the knowledge of opening a door using a handle

Aura’s Threory is basically… learning.



Cats can be pretty dumb/stupid sometimes, though. Like my cat, who tends to jump from roof to roof and always fails…

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“not if you beat the cat at its own game”

-shane dawson

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yes they learn, their IQ go up they teach their children then their children create inventions

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Let’s not humanize other animals. Our way of intelligence is different from other species, but not superior. It’s just a survival strategy. For us, it works. Any other species, with our intelligence way, would probably fail.

We are also able to imitate behaviors. I can imitate the behavior of a cat and the cat can imitate me. One day I discovered my cat trying to turn the key in the door lock. It has seen me many times do that. And he would have succeeded, had it not been because its fingers are not adapted to the movement of a key in a lock.

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Extensive tinking

Yo I did not teach the random stray cat

first of all

Nothing implies you taught a cat anything. You presented a theory so I presented it back in layman’s terms

second of all