Auctions at the shop!

we need auctions! How it was that first you go on a certain place, chose a item, then you can set a number gold or token for how much it cost. When someone see it he(she) can buy it and you will receive
the gold or the token that you set.

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This is just trading…

It’s a upgrade of trading! You can’t trade offline! :smiley: :grinning:

Let’s say everyone is able to buy it. I would agree!

Yes you can trade offline, ever played Runescape? They have this thing called the grand exchange were players can either purchase or sell items. If you want to purchase an item you have to set which price you want it for, if another player sells this item for the same price it’s a match and both of you trade.

So if we use a system similar to this, trading while offline will be possible, and because the grand exchange doesn’t care who the player is, you can’t really sell all of your items from other accounts and make sure they safely get to one account without another player buying them(especially if it’s a legend only item).

Example of this system.

You pick an item, then you choose either ‘Sell’ or ‘Purchase’ after you made your choice you will be able to set the price of it (in gold).

Done! Trading offline is possible and you can’t abuse this sytem like other trading systems because before you switch accounts another player has probably already purchased it if it’s in a really low price.

Just gotta learn from runescape bois.

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Hmm, like the RS Grand Exchange? I like that idea, it’s almost impossible to transfer items that way.


Well it could be a lot easier, let’s say it doesn’t have to be the exact same price.


Someone is selling an item for 500k gold and I want to buy the same item but I set the price I want to buy it at to 600k, it will still trade even though I’m willing to buy it for 100k more.

After it trades I will be given back this 100k as the player who sold this item to me was only asking for 500k.

Yes don’t worry, I know how the RS Grand Exchange works.

I’m saying it’s a decent idea if they implement “trading” this way. :slight_smile:

Oh sorry for the misunderstanding. No worries :smiley: