Auction shop more interesting


Hello , what you say if there should be an auction system in which players will put their mythicals in auction shop for some limited hours and for some toekns value. The one who want that myth wil bid it by the tokens desired by onower. If other player too want the same myth he can outbid that guy by spending 10 more tokens on it. The one who bid earlier will get his tokens back if he got outbided one who will bid the highest till the myth expired will win the myth,…;).


yes grat ides and if it is not a mythical or legendary the action would work by SM and the limit auction time would be 10 min or something like that


this idea is much better than trading for SM because you can’t directly transfer myphicals from your alt to your main. If you try your myph can be easily bought for slightly higher token price by some random guy.


lol not 10 mins least auction should be of 8 hours


Pro: is a nice and controled way to trade, on one system out of the game (or in game why not)
Cont: free players without tokens cant bet.

Pro: good to make some balance in game.
Cont: 3 beast at rank 20 of 1350hp in hand of a newbie :rabbit2:

Pro: players can moderate each other at trading.
Cont: it need moderators of tacticsoft who control the trafic of items.

Pro: 10 mins auction, yay
Cont: i put my godmode for 1 token at 12am, go into my main acc and bet for it, no one bet and i repeat with all my miths in the same way.

to avoid that last point, maybe a cooldown over bets (the trade must be maked with the id) like a freezer over the one who win the auction; maybe 30 mins.


Hell no you got it wrong auction will be at least of 8 hours (minimum) and 1 day (maximum) . And 1 min auction lool others players will to try to bid it. 8 hours because most of the player should see it


there are 2,000 players looking in all chats combined a real action would have like 50 people auction prises would rise quiqly and thats why im saying 10 mininstead of 8 hours


Don’t even try. They won’t add anything as usual, and instead do three updates which screw up the gameplay, then do a maintenance for one week, give 2 gold boxes to shut everyone up, and repeat everything.


minimum tokena bid will start from 150 tokens -_-.


and minimum hours will be 8 hours maximum 36