[ATTENTION DEVS] Adjusting Black Skull Rating System and Reducing Arena Wait Times at High Ranks


Aww man, I wish for your sake it was per 50 tickets…

Wow, that would be like 20 Entries for you! :rofl:

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Nope… 1 entry per user



Devs, if you;re reading this, please consider future raffles with Titan Tickets to be 1 entry per 50 tickets earned

It’s guys like Winz that keep interest in the Titans alive and should be rewarded (this guy farms over a 1000 tickets for us)…

Actually, the draw is not up yet, so there’s still time to change! Come on Devs… you can do it!


Your posts are too enjoyable to read dammit


I dont think you can make arena times shorter because it depends on how many players are online and i dont think there are many top rank players :confused: please correct me if im wrong!


@cousin_joe you’re way off in your adjustments still.

The max loss in points should be -4 and max gain should be +4




  • I tried to tell them exactly this, that the ranking system AND matchmaking system, need a change (again), because it simple is nonsense to play a serious tournament and at the end of it someone, who were most lucky (or had best strategy within this stupid system :wink: ) wins

  • I try this now to tell them since 2 years (since the start of this system)


  • they / tacticsoft do not care about to have a great competitive ranking system FOR the PLAYERS :exclamation:

… which should be the most important thing of all :exclamation:

Thats why I did some Single Gold Medals the last months again, so now with the amount I have, all can play this stupid system for months and maybe even years, they will never catch me about most won tournaments :exclamation:

Sidenote: during this game was managed by 1 main developer (Liran), this system was introduce in cooperation from Liran with a player (your country), who had to less time to play, so he hoped to be able to win more than I with this system … unfortunately, he did not think about that I can also adept to every system :exclamation:
(100% true “story”)

So @cousin_joe I would wish a player from Canada would bring a change again, this time to the good side :exclamation:
But - as we all should know (and I know for sure) - they will not listen :exclamation:
(before the game will be gone or Reloaded 2 will be presented)

And here my suggestion (which I think would be the most fair system ever, played all systems at SuperMechs for years now at top, I am allowed to say I know why and how the system would be best for ALL players) …

+4 AP for a win, -4 AP for a loss (evenly matched opponents)
+3 AP for a win, -4 AP for a loss (slightly mismatched opponents)
+2 AP for a win, -4 AP for a loss (moderately mismatched opponents)
+1 AP for a win, -4 AP for a loss (severely mismatched opponents)

I hope you see my point, a loss is a loss and needing 4 wins for 1 loss should be enough hard “work” to go back to the rank before …

  • 4 wins to 1 loss (5 battles) = 80% wins (needed to reach “old” rank again)

currect system is (at top) …

  • 16 win to 1 loss (17 battles) = 94% wins (way to extrem)

(the currect example is not totally correct, because if you lose 16 Arena Points you gain for a win again more than 1 point :wink: )


The values aren’t fixed, they float depending on the ranking position of your opponent compared to yours.


That he tried to explain with the “evenly”, “slightly”, “moderately” and “severely”, which “tells” about that you said :exclamation:



I’m hoping the opposite but I agree, the ranking system should be FOR the PLAYERS

  • and right now, as per the survey, the large majority of players want this change

After all, the Black Skull Ranks are the players most likely to have invested most into the game. You would think you would want to keep the paying player base happy.

I see your point about the the curent system as being an overcorrection of the previous system

  • From researching things, it looked like the old system was about volume wins.
  • Players at the top simply played the most games and had decent (but not necessarily the best) win ratios.
  • The counter to that would be a system that overly penalized losses, favoring players with better win ratios.

In today’s meta, that’s antiquated, because of counterbuilding and the power of resists. You get one bad matchup, or don’t pick the correct lineup, or even right lineup but wrong order, you can easily become the underdog

  • in that system it seems overly punitive to have the “favored” player lose 16 points

I see your system, and see it’s a slight variation, being even less punitive, but I think it floats the system back to volume wins. The system I’ve proposed is meant to be more middle ground, and SUPER EASY for the Devs to implement (just some slight code adjustments with the ratio).

@smirk @berserk40000 can we get some feedback from anybody, just saying that this is being looked at

  • long wait times, and an unfair ranking system are really big issues for the players. Thank you


These two friends are beginners … I think they do not understand what we are talking about here … I personally agree with you about changes in the system of accruals arena points … I think that also need to find a way to motivate players to go to the arena in the last 3 days days of the season. I can offer for each battle in the arena, along with 6-9 arena coint to pay 1 point to the total score.

Each active player will be able to earn 35 additional points per season. These points should not be burned-they must be added to the player’s current ranking. Then the player who does not go to the arena for the last three days loses 15 points. This is just a suggestion how to change the game for the better. Also, something to offer is possible so we will find the best solution.If developers do not want to change anything, let us offer them our vision


Agreed… another way to increase the amount of play in top ranks is to extend the individual prizes a bit more

Right now, only Top 3 is paid

  • 1st - 1,000,000 gold
    2nd - 500,000 gold
    3rd - 250,000 gold
    All Black Skulls - 100,000 gold

The problem is, if you have no chance of Top 3, and you’re score is decent, like 120 -140 AP, why bother playing… you’ve done well for your team, and you’re stuck with 100,000 gold regardless

Suggestion: Extend out the number of players that are paid out more than the 100,000, and in addition, make enough of a difference between ranks to make jostling for a best position as possible matter…

  • 1st - 1,000,000 gold
    2nd - 500,000 gold
    3rd - 250,000 gold
    4th - 200,000 gold
    5th - 175,000 gold
    6th - 150,000 gold
    7th - 140,000 gold
    8th - 130,000 gold
    9th - 120,000 gold
    10th - 110,000 gold
    All Black Skulls - 100,000 gold

It wouldn’t cost Tacticsoft a whole lot of extra gold into the economy, but at the same time, would significantly increase the desire to get the best possible position in the last days of the tourney


  • Good Idea
  • Bad Idea

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Hi Devs,

Hi @Silverbox @jonny @Mohadib

Love the new Graphical updates… how about some nice Arena updates to go with them??