Attention all pros! [BigBoy Mech Building]


I need help beating bigboy! I’ve tried so many times but to no avail! Even my rank 1 energy mech can’t beat him! I get that he is weak against heat, but I don’t any good heat weapons/suck at building heat since i’ve always used energy.

Here is a list of mythical items i have:

-Diamond Shell
-Hellfire Armour

-Steel Tractors

Side weapons:
-Metral shredder mark 2
-Electric axe
-Cooldown blocker mark 1
-Fire wall
-Mass deflector
-Death punch mark 1 x 3
-Needle blaster mk 2
-Needle blaster mk 1 x 2
-Piercing shotgun mk 3

Top weapons:
-Electric discharger
-Electrocop mk 1
-Backstabber mk 1
-Wipeout mk 1 x 2

-Rock biter
-Evil spark
-Bullet shark
-Sector eye
-Fire tail
-Lightning gate

-Heat control mk 2
-Engine booster 1
-Combiner storage Mark B-11 x2
-Mega bullet storage 3
-Mega rocket storage 2
-Energy generator 1
-Invulnerability mk 1

Here is a list of commonly used/helpful items/other mentions:

Torso: I have all the other torsos
Legs: I have all the other legs (Except fire stampede)

Side weapons: Heat desolver mark 2, Inferno mk 1, Demolisher mk 1, shotgun x mk 2 (heat) x2, both iron shredders, sarus rifle, single barrel rocket launcher, gau-8a, firey bites, launcher, missle battery 3 and 1, hell force, call of lightning, meteor, quad barreled rocket launcher,bright blaster x 3, big blue blast, heat overflow, cooker, resistant drainers (one of each), shark, lava, twin terminator R, rocketeer, burnout, termination heat, bully, push.
Top weapons: Heat penetrator, all the rays (res drainers), white hole blaster, black hole blaster, burning fire, artillery mark 1, sun,moon,blaster, RPG, m900, rocket launcher v22, artillery mark V and mark 2.

Specials: Adv burning harpoon mark 3, triple laser pointer (heat), red eye, lots of shields.

Modules: More than i need of armour platings, way more than i need of regeneration and cooling modules, all the resistance modules, various ammos and heat & cooling modules.

So yeah… I guess its not much to work with but that’s pretty much all i got to work with. I’d appreciate it if anyone could help me out here so i can beat this boss.


If You Have A Good Fusion You May Beat Him


Hellfire Armor or Lava Scope
Rhino Boots
Metal Shredder + Needle Blaster mk 2
No top weapon, or one wipeout mk 1 if you want
Rock biter if you want, and sector eye
Heat control mk 2, mega bullet storage 3, mega rocket storage 2, a heat module (not mandatory, the one heat control should be enough in campaign), invulnerability mk 1, and the rest armor platings

I recommend hellfire armor in campaign, and no heat module in campaign. Reason being that most of the time you will be in range of big boy’s needle blasters, and only sector eye will be adding heat. So the 83 cooling should be enough. In multiplayer I recommend over 120 cooling if you are rank 1. When fighting big boy, if you only can have one turn because you used one to cool down, then use that remaining turn to use metal shredder. Only use needle blaster if you have two turns and your heat levels are not high. Unless of course, your out of rockets. In the beginning of the battle, once your drone is up, jump back to the left corner of the place. Big boy will charge/teleport to you, so if he charges, stomp + metal shredder. On the next turn, use metal shredder, and cool down if heat is high. You should know how the rest of the battle goes. Note that once you reach big boy, you may need to revive once on the mission. I recommend you fuse hellfire to a high level, preferably 10+. If you can’t, try to get it to levels 7-9


Thank you so much for the help, I will get back to you on if it works!


It’s a lava scope 2 heat hammer a lava spray USA transports heat myth hook and heat drone mythical. 1040 hp and 165 heat with like 143 cool . Beat it yesterday . Takes about 30 tokens as minions take a life each .


They don’t have all those items. Otherwise I would have said just build a double lava spray mech with the heat hammer or heat axe.


This is today, a while ago. With 2 heal and 2 revive. Upgrade only torso and legs


Wait, you actually used Tokens playing campaign missions that you already done before…?


Like I said before, they want a mech that they can build with the items they have. That is why they gave a list of their items.


I need coins… made 4.500.000 today…


I find it difficult if not with heat, because the guy throws you with heat legs and the drone heat shot hard …


la mejor técnica es arrastrar a bigboy en la esquina XD!