Attacks based on achivements


Many new players stop playing Battle Dawn on their first try because they get idea is that if the player has less than 10 achivements ,players with 10 or more achivements cannot attack them.

This gives new players a chance to play.[poll]

  • good idea
  • bad idea


will reduce conquers greatly though
and what about if a good player makes a new account so he can get conquers freely then he passes the 10 achievements


why will a good player make another account?And AI colonies would be open to conquer


Few things.

  1. I don’t believe there is a way to differentiate the bot achievements from actual player achievements (I could be wrong here though). With that being the case, even bots would be off limits to anyone but newbies.
  2. LOTS of good players make new accounts. One of the reasons being to get the extra blues for hitting achievements throughout the era, and also, to hide more easily (sometimes players can identify people via their achievement counts). It’s much easier to pass under the radar when you got 0 achievements (or even just 10) than when you got 30-34.
  3. Would starve the active players from resources.

The base of the idea (helping to retain newbies) is in the right place, but unfortunately, I don’t think this idea is the right way to try to go about fixing it.


I use new accounts because otherwise people can just go on the Hall of Fame and find you.


Implying you ever won. You would only show up in the hall of fame if you end top 100 in a world. Which isnt something i do often, with my mediocre skill level. So, im safe from this.

But otherwise, i agree with the lads. Experienced players often make new accounts for various reason, so this would make ysing a new account a new strategy in bd, since you can take resource ops snd conquer everyone around you without being touched by the players with more achievements.


kaen with the burn…


Oh yeah, I remember you asking me to play on those eras that I didn’t win :wink:


Too late For reply.
But impracticable in wars. Enemy plants new acc you won the war still not tick 500 and now you cant conquer them. So they have theirnxtals.and conqs and income and time to rebuild. WHOO
To make it worse if below 10 achieve can attack you’re screwed.