Ask Zylok, an old rank 1 Legacy player anything!

I’ve seen a few of these AMA’s lately, so i decided to do one too as a legacy veteran.

So as the title says, you can ask me anything. I’m an old rank 1 legacy player, my account exists since late 2012/begin 2013. I reached rank one in late 2013 and held it until i stopped playing just before mythicals came into the game.
The questions don’t have to do anything with legacy Super Mechs, but i can answer those questions atleast.

So fire away :smiley:


was it really more fun? I started in 2018 and now I’m rank 1 but people say legacy was better
but I’ve also seen the legendary pics of 1k winstreaks from people like Rising


I think it’s more of a personal preference if legacy was more fun or not.

Before the mythical weapons were introduced weapons ranks didn’t really matter, rank 1 builds still had rare weapons in them just because they add a lot of heat or drained a lot of energy. Energy also didn’t really play a role in that era, physical was mostly people’s main mech and heat as a second mech.

Because heat and energy played less of a role the game was a lot about tactic before than it is now in my opinion. Most weapons had a limited number of uses, so you really needed to think what you were planning on doing before your turn even started so that your enemy wont be out of reach of your weapons that didn’t have any uses left. That aspect made me actually like the game the most, the actual thinking before your turn as planning ahead on how to survive.

Nowadays you see few to none people using a turn to walk or jump, this was always used in legacy, people moved and moved just to stay in your weapon’s range, while staying out of the enemy’s weapon range.

Also your torso would limit your weapons and modules, instead of a weight limit. Not even all legendary torsos could equip 4 side weapons and 2 top weapons!
But this was a little compensated by everyone having every possible special (drone, grapple, etc…)

I have never really played seriously with shields, i never liked them because they would suck up your heat or energy, which you didnt have a lot of in legacy. And without energy most specials couldn’t be used

One of the things im most sad about in Reloaded is the fact that they removed bullets and rockets. Those things could determine if you would win a match or not. Because in legacy you had a choice;
Either you have a lot of rockets and bullets so you could fire your weapons and drone that do high damage.
Or you would invest in heat/energy modules and resistance modules.

If you would like something specific to be explained further just let me know :slight_smile:


Are you doing well today?


So far, yes, I am doing fine :slight_smile:


Wordy commentary, but since it’s well organized and articulate, it makes it easier to read.

Nice post. :+1:

It’s not often I see good grammar around here.


This happened because no weapons did pull, only neutral or push.

I’d say the game requires more skill in high ranks now than it used to, in refrence to the 2015 needle blaster spamming era. Pre-weight legacy also required some skill, but was more about making a powerful mech with low leveled weapons (back when matchmaking was determined by weapon level). Example of this can be watched here.

What is your favorite feature about reloaded, and what is your favorite feature in legacy (pre or post weight)? :grin:


“old rank 1 legacy player”

everyone and their nephews’ dogs were rank 1


I didn’t know about the needle blaster spamming era^^ think i was away by that time as myths came into the game around that year too.

I can’t really say anything about tactics and strategy gameplay for top 5 ranks in the game now, it was more of a judgement from what I’ve seenin ranks 10-17 where i have been only.

I think my favorite feature about reloaded is the fact that you can upgrade weapons in tiers, it’s very helpfull, and you dont need to get a mythical from a box anymore (even though is was very easy) to get a good weapon, you can just get a rare now for example and upgrae it to mythical.
Also, I like it that the weapon changes how it looks when you upgrade it in tiers and (sometimes) how the firing effect changes.

My favorite feature in legacy pre-weight update was that you had to earn money, and then buy the items you wanted. It gave such a good feeling when you could finally buy something that you had been saving for for the past days/weeks.

Post-weight update i think my favorite feature would be the updated campaign. It was kind of the same as it was before, but it gave a better, and less boring feeling to me when i played it. And in the updated campaign you would always get rewarded with items (after you couldnt buy them anymore) which was better than buying boxes or having a chance to get an items box with mostly commons/rares in it.


What do you think of reloaded? What do you suggest they do to make it better? Also Chocolate or Vanilla?

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I think a big update was needed for super Mechs, it kind of had been the same game for about 5 years.
But with this I’m not saying i like the way how they updated it. They basically made a new game because they made all of the old items useless.
Tactisoft could’ve put more thought in how to make the bigger part of legacy items worth something. For example, they could have made something similar that you can exchange like 10 weapons of one tier for one weapon of the same tier in reloaded. That way people who were high ranked in legacy still were better than most others after reloaded.

I don’t really have any ideas on how Tactisoft can make the game better. It’s their game and i trust them on keeping this game update for upcoming years and keeping it active community-wise.

And the choice between chocolate and vanilla is hard, but I’m going with vanille on this one.


I felt like they should’ve buffed the stats of Legacy items by 3
Gave a compensation for inventories worth thousands made obsolete by the update (which TS didn’t do and should be sued for because it’s literal theft)


I kinda like this guy,honestly.


You say it in a very elegant way, I would say that the reload was a scam, perhaps one of the most significant scams that there have been in the history of online games. They must have given Tacticsoft an appreciation for that.

Looking at the current way of the game (the game in the last few months), I don’t think there’s much interest in improving too much, as long as there are fools who keep paying. The well-being of most players has long since taken a back seat in order of importance. Not even the coronavirus and the current situation made them more generous and humane with people.


Remember Anti Material Rifle?

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You mean repulsor? Lmao

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Good choice. Vanilla’s great.

And thanks for the answers yep

No. It was a top weapon. I only got it to Physical damage only 67. Range of 4-8 or… 5 to whatever

No i can’t recall it rn. I tried searching it on google but it gave no results…

Why did you return to hell that used to be supermechs