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i got one from my cousin nagging me to let him on my switch


oof. Smash Ultimate or somethin else?

I get a lot of stress everyday so I wind up having headaches almost every day.


i the worst one i had started jst from a little one then it became bigger then to the point where i could not stand up and if i did i would feel like throwing up
he wanted to try shovel knight because he saw me playing it earlier in the day probly because he saw me fighting the final boss
i usually get one every other day but those ones not that bad




oh yikes those suckers hurt


who here is a lady and who here is a dude?
i just want to know for the future so i dont call a lady a dude

  • lady
  • dude

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Why not make a pole for that?


k done made it


Lets revive this topic, yeah? Im still curious about some sm players.

Q: whats your favorite place to eat?


Ill answer. Either pizza hut or chick fil a


ummmm i dont know
let me think


Not the phone brand. It’s a restaurant. Pretty fancy.


Either Gengy’s Mongolian BBG Buffet or Nandos


Well it revived already so
@SeanChoi1870 what’s your sex?


i think he is a dude


I know you are a dude, I saw you in town earlier


i ment you when @2ab asked


I know, I’m saying you are a dude since I saw you in town earlier


uhhh yah i’m am wait what the, you thought i was girl this whole time sean?
i’m really confused mainly on what gender you thought i was @SeanChoi1870


You’ve seen Brennan? What does he look like?