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Coochie of course


Alright wheres the net shooter


Question for @2AB
Why is ur username 2ab?


2ab is (2xa)+(2xb)=2x(a+b)=b+a+b+a=2 times of 2+b=2ab=2x(a+b)=2ab


Or is it 2B from Nier: Automata?


2B from nier automata… And I’m not 2B I’m 2ab




2B from Bayonetta lol…
I’m so dumb.


So did u understand?


n o p e


It is easy -_-


So now do u understand?


Oh wait nvm. I understands now xd
I just didn’t look at it carefully.




I guess u don’t need it :wink:


It looks similar to the Quadratic Formula.


But just remember my name that easier :slight_smile:
And yes my name use ^2 too :wink:


That just means 2ab x 2ab. If I am correct.


Nah just remember my name it is easier :wink:
But what ur name mean?


Alright. So its a bit complicated but…
Kn0 and Tn0 look separate right? Truth is, its actually separated like this: (Kn0T)(n0)(YT).

A lot of people asked me in elementry school if I did youtube. I usually replied with a “No.” i had no other idea for a name so I sticked with this.

So in reality, I named myself “Knot.”

Which brings up another point. I had trouble learning english at first. So I mixed up “Not” and “Knot” alot.