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thanks not thank


Thanks :v
Still don’t understand why not thank :v


this is why image @2ab


nvm I find a vietsub version.



• Sử dụng “Thank you” thì trang trọng hơn là sử dụng “Thanks”.

  • Thank you. (KHÔNG DÙNG “Thanks you”)

  • Thanks a lot. (KHÔNG DÙNG “Thank you a lot”)

  • Thank you very much.

  • Thanks very much.

  • Thank God it’s Friday. (KHÔNG DÙNG “Thanks God …”)

  • Thank you very much indeed. (KHÔNG DÙNG “Thank you indeed”)

• Thank you for/ thanks for doing something.

  • Thank you for coming.

  • Thanks for everything.

• Chúng ta thường sử dụng “Thank you/Thanks” để chấp nhận lời đề nghị.

  • ‘Would you like some coffee?’ ‘Thank you.’

• Để từ chối lời đề nghị, các bạn có thể dùng “No thank you/ No thanks”.

  • ‘Another cake?’ ‘No, thanks. I have eaten too many already.’

• Đáp lại lời cảm ơn

Người Anh học không thường trả lời khi họ được cảm ơn bởi những điều nhỏ. Nếu một lời đáp lại là cần thiết, họ thường noi:

  • Not at all (trang trọng)

  • You are welcome, Don’t mention it, That’s quite all right or That’s OK (thông thường).


  • ‘Here is your coat.’ ‘Thanks.’ (không nhất thiết để trả lời)

  • ‘Thanks so much for looking after the children.’ ‘That’s all right.’ (cần thiết để trả lời)


what is your first language? @2ab


Vietnamese :smiley:


Tôi sống ở Singapore bảy năm và tôi vẫn biết một chút :smiley:


E chao :v
Khong co unikey go tam :v
So u are vietnamese’s person but live in singapore or u are singapore’s person but have learnt some about vietnamese.


lived in singapore and learned vietnamese in school


OK :ok_hand:
And how many points will u rate for my english skills.


this is correct: or are u a Singaporean but learned some Vietnamese

6 it is not perfect but i can understand what you are saying


OK thx for helping :wink:
Pretty high for a kid like me :wink:


What is my first language?


mine is french


Is malasian a language?


who is an adult and who is below the age of 18?

  • above the age of 18
  • below the age of 18
  • i would rather not say

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You literally said you were a girl. Stop lying, please.


wait the fck can youu show me where he said that


He posts too much I don’t wanna waste my time


oh okay 2ab said that hmmm okay couuld you give me the thread please
i jst want to know
that might explain why he or she likes listening to my stories