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Idk if i should put him alive or not…

i’ll just make my poll.

  • Ya fama,make it alive.
  • Potato is my faviroute thing
  • no

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What the hell does that mean?


it means potato but fried taters are these: image


Ah…i think i have ever tried these.


question to everyone, what sweets brand is your favourite? mine is wedel logo


I don’t know what that means.


what is your fav sweets brand


You mean candy?


twix sorry kitkat


I want to say that this topic has copyright claim ©
What does it mean? It means that others who didn’t know about this first Q&A or maybe they do…and makes same as this one…you’ll might be in trouble

I also don’t know why i can’t edit my topic right now…goddamint.
@Elcent,lilte help please?


do u live somewhere else then usa because ive never seen that before, mine is milkyway


I’ll awnser you.
A: He lives in one greatest slav country: Poland.


Yes i don’t live in US, also wth is wrong with your grammar?


Oreos are #1


You can’t copy right a Q&A… lol


Don’t ask me why i did that lmao


me and grammer be gud frendz (jk i know how to spell)


Seriously tho.
If you live in USA,Then why tf is your grammar ain’t good?


A: i dont check my spelling when i write also i have DWE, plus english isnt my first language its french