Ask Questions and Give Answers about Yourself or Someone Else


A : I would put “Now kids, under this coffin is 100,000$, better grave-rob.” or “Went to get some chips brb”.


Q:Do you realise that there are rules on this Q&A?
Just asking.


XD thats awesome!


um, no? idk…


If you want to know the rules,go way up to very first reply.
Thank you.


to all
has anyone ever done anything stupid when they were young?
yes. when i was 3 i pretended to be Buzz Lightyear and jumped off the couch and broke my arm XD


Wtf? xD
A:Many times.


i loved toystory lol


Q: doesnt this look like the instagram picture? kinda? maybe?


Q: do people still respond to this chat anymore??


A : Yes, no matter what.


Q :

What is this?


looks like a demon knight suit


Q for @cyanine (Cyamime)
If you were at the Boston Massacre, and survived, how would you feel about the loss of the people on that day.


I thought this topic was dead. Anywho… Now that its been revived and im once again curious, what country do yall live in?


I live in america. :grin:




me too although i dont really like the person who is running it right now…