Ask Questions and Give Answers about Yourself or Someone Else


Work Days = 5 - 10 Hours
Breaks = 20 Minutes
Free Time = 40 Minutes - 1 Hour
Weekends = 10 - 25 Hours
Vacation Days (Most lasts only for 3-7 Days) = 476476999999999490 H O U R S


Regardless of what day it is, I atch anime for 5 hours


to all
favorite forum member?


Oooff…oooooo i just favoratie all my mates.


thanks man


Q: how much gold coins (or cash) do you currently have?


Welcome to my Q&A frist of all.
And second of all…



Q: How often do you do the Romantic Act on your Stick?


100000 times a millisecond



this many shekels


Question for everyone:

do you love yourself? (not in a narcissistic way)


Ofc yes, because who wouldnt love me
No one will love you unless you love yourself :wink:


A:Why wouldn’t i? I just love the way i am.


follow up question:

do you love your people?


Yes and no

Only because I can tax them and get money


why also no? love yourself my dude. you can be the best friend you’ll ever have, or the worst enemy.

wealth is fleeting and ever moving. culture, community and blood lives on. so long as your protect it that is.


I’m only jokingn on the 2nd part…
I’ll be a better president than Donald.

The 1st question, is because I am unhappy with my body shape, but am too lazy to exercise.


I feel like playing SM again just for the sake of getting that Magma Blast…


the secret is to love yourself enough to be motivated to change. when you look at your body shape and are dissatisfied, the reason it doesnt bother you enough to motivate you into action (engaging in exercise, restricting the diet) is because eyou dont love yourself enough to care about your dissatisfaction. if you love yourself enougfh you will want to do all in your power to satisfy that person.

this is a principle which I think can and should be extended beyond the individual to the society you inhabit aswell. imrpove from within and then step by step expand your sphere of positive influence.


give. give to me…