Ask Questions and Give Answers about Yourself or Someone Else




Hideri from Blend-S



Does this look like Hideri? :joy::ok_hand:




Okay fine then.

My “Account Name” had her real name :stuck_out_tongue:

Changed it to “Hideri” by WMist :wink:


I put my cursor on your picture it literally says “Hideri” by WMist LMAO


Q: everyone



@The_Yo_Yo_Man I want you to watch Squidward’s Suicide 3 times in a row, draw a pentagram and chant my name


Q to Everyone :

What is the middle initial of my Mother?


A belly button


Q to @WMist253 :

What is my User Card?

Bonus : What is the name of my PFP again?


Your user card is a loli neko attempting to maul my pet
Your pfp is 02 from Darling in the Franxxx


Can’t lie about that, yep :stuck_out_tongue:

I showed the name again for a brief 20 seconds. You’re -


Anyways you’re wrong.


It’s Fracture Hikari…
Now compensate my sins


Ahh, good.



My snese of humor exceeds above all else


Question for @cyanine What is your profile pic?
I would say FNAF but you know…


It’s :thinking:


You changed it you imbecile
Now go and rethink your life

This is a joke pls don’t seriously


I didn’t lol :joy: