Ask Questions and Give Answers about Yourself or Someone Else


Give me you address and I’ll consider it.


Scamper off Misfit his acc is mine


I will create a PM


Have it, I have most of his items anyway


Do you have the item Rocket Launcher then?


Send pic


That common only tier item?
Everyone has that lol. Unless you meant a lewgacy version


What is even happening,lol.




and This


Don’t talk to me until you got them lol


I want cyanine’s address so I can watch him sleep


It’s funny how these Rocket Launchers are the only physical rockets in this game…
@Sarah247 add a mythical physical rocket weapon pls




What on earth is the context here?




Fractured light?

Are you a transcended being able to warp space and time itself?


Your mind ended.


Q: Everyone

I need motivation. I’m pretty down lately due to the fact that my soil died.
It was a good boy. Growing trees and such. Now my pet soil died.


Is this even a question?


Question to Everyone :

Who is my PFP?


Fine, here’s a REAL question:

What’s the answer to 2+2?