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Thas wasnt a rage post, stop thinking Im mad. Cause you dont wanna see me mad lol
I guess things set on fire when I appear :slight_smile:


Can we…can we not fight?


No one is fighting :expressionless: Just explaining things peacefully


Ali slici da ce se desiti ako me razumes.
Ma dobro.


Ne brini nisam budala da se svadjam ovde hahaah Ovo ne moze ni diskusijom da se nazove jer se ne raspravljamo


Ionako ta igra je sjbn.
Sta ces sada stobom?


S tobom, mada bolje upotrebi sa sobom hahaha
Pa necu nista, znam ja odavno da je sve otislo u pm, i onako uskoro treba da pocnem da ucim za ispite


Ja cu samo ostalo igrati…a ne ovo srnj.

E i da…uspeo sam da ulazim u IT,srecan sam.

Sorry for talking my language with Marija…just an conversasion.


Eee cestitam :smiley: Samo uci i ne brini
Btw, I flagged that post of yours, @Misfit , I dont think thats okay. Sorry for speaking serbian, I ll go back to english


don’t be such a nark its just a meme.


Q:You do care about our country eh?
If you do,listen to this.


If he cares about our country, he better invest in it, not listen a problematic song lol



I thought they didnt have feminism in Serbia.

that sucks.


We have everything but money here :slight_smile:


money well spent if the kebab was removed as far as I’m concerned.


As you see its not, so…


I just looked up at the comments at the behind meme’s vid: Serbia stronk vid.
Everyone said that Serb should remove him.

I don’t have any idea why people like my country.


Q: Everyone

Play Roblox Disaster survival for me and I will give you 80000 Robux


Question to Everyone :

Can someone buy me a pizza? Whoever buys me a pizza, I will give him the Password to my account.

I actually will.


Give me your address please and I buy pizza