Ask me whatever you want

ngl, these threads are super popular, and nobody here knows anything about me except for @me_pennyboy1 so u can ask me anything. i ask that there be nothing sexual or harrasive in intent or nature. thanks.


Fav food? Age? Fav forumer? state/country if your not comfortable with state? Fav youtuber? SM rank? irl name?

What is your favorite mech variation? (Phys, Heat, Energy?)

r u a nigerian prince

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Are Thorium salts better than Depleated Uranium for environmental energy production?

Why humans are making the earth an uninhabitable place?

So that at some point you only want to eat money

my favorite food is either my step-uncles grilled salmon, or deep fried sushi.(dont ask). my age is 13. my fav forumer is @Bioniclefan414 because he is the one who has taught me most about this forum. state=ohio, my fav youtuber? im stuck between joshdub and Eckarts ladder. my sm rank is 12, almost 11. irl name is Les Campbell.

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i prefer phys, but heat is my go-to when im fighint another heat mech

no i am not a nigerian prince @trophy435.
@Enerjonn i have no idea what u r talking about.
@ZON3R i think its because were an invasive species
. @Nomad1 why would u post something like dat.

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Man, that really sounds like ‘murica, not gonna lie.

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ummmmmm theres one of these already

… dude, thats for other people. this one is for me

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Which beans make you more gassy? Pinto or kidney ?

kidney beans. my stepdads chili is the best at making my family fart.

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Same for me ! My chili has everyone blowing trumpets ! Ok who is your favorite band or music act

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that is obvious, the earth will continue to be destroyed if we continue like this, and the money is left, that is fact.
But what do you want to do with the money, maybe eat ?

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So you think your a better Survivr then me?

when was the last time you cried?

When was the last time you jumped