Ask me to draw something


Yes. But mostly I don’t sign.


Draw this


Is that Rick from Rick and Morty :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha ye. But not, that is Горшок from Король и Шут (musical group).


draw trump + thanos pls


(Sorry for the terrible Quality)

This fricking drawing took me an hour and a half.

I am not shading this because F that. My back hurts for one. And also. Sorry again for the terrible quality.


Draw an m1 sherman


There you go. So much more nicer and cleaner.


hell yah damn thats nice boi


if the lines where darker and the pic was better i would print it out and color it for you


I actually did make it darker lel.
There are pencils out there that can make images like this clear as if it was digitally drawn.
But ofc I don’t have it because of my MOM and DAD >:(


i’m going to try and print it/ fix it up a little then color for yah hows that sound


Although it may be a bit blurry.


yah i will use my drawing skills to fix it


Aight. I’m honestly a bit disappointed on how this one came out tho.
Feel like I can do better but meh.


thats better than what i can do


Not late.





Haha YES! :laughing: