Ask me to draw something


seriously no kidding
hmmmm what next


Are you yeet?


hmmmm who knows
he banned so maybe not or maybe


His account got banned and his last post was November 29. Super_Yeeter made his account on the first of december. Plus the name sound similar. I’m thinking it’s yeet and he just made another account.


i dont know but he is more not like yeet what was his last post?


After being banned he obviously would come back as a nicer person out of fear of being banned again. Just becuase his online personality changed doesn’t mean it isn’t Yeet.


yah i guess so let me go ask him


Yeets last post was:




Nope. That is not Yeet.

Yeet has an alt which he uses to talk to friends in pm’s. It is not hidden since it has his profile picture.


That is not Yeet


That is not Yeet


Only real ones like us get to stay in contact with that great horrible child



ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaa I will see you in 10 hours or more!


Huh. I actually might try that. Didn´t know you were into fire emblem.
And no I will not be coloring because my mom and dad are mean and will NOT buy my color pencils.


That’ll be fun to draw


Draw this man. :ok_hand:


I draw him when I was bored.


like this. :sunglasses:


Damn, That’s nice…You’re good

is that your signature on the bottom right?