Ask for volunteers to test new features


As you already know, TS tests new features on newcomers.
I believe this is unwise, because new players usually just enjoy every feature in the game, giving no proper review.

So how about if we simply ask the more experienced veterans here, to test new features?
This way, we can truly tell if a new feature is good or not.

Of course, devs would require their account 's to implement the feature, but that shouldn’t be a big problem.

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Agreed! Good idea! (Maybe you should create a poll?)


This is mostly a personal idea for the developer team but okay.


Im a beta tester a veteran but our opinion was reequired when we impemented the auto-play campaning If u think we work on every update this is sad


Why are you directing your comment at myself? And why would it be “sad” if you worked on every update? An outside opinion is almost always helpful.


The problem is the fact the people thinks that we are responsible for this mess


Nobody implied or inferred that you were “responsible for this mess”. I believe that “this mess” was caused by the disconnect between players and developers.


love it smash it i’m in