As they said platinum plating does not come out .-

Use terror cry. Does the job pretty well with heat build up to r4 or so if well optimised

Que puto, comparta, no sea egoista :v


I have mercy instead

why why ise mal en gastarme los tokens

Too heavy. Especially for a heat build. We are going off topic. I can try to help you if you want to. Pm

Yeah… i have 2 that don’t exist, if i click on it and look for some unclaimed… there are none

like this


just wonderig, should I buy a premuum rack now or wait for sales ?


I do not get it, do you get hp legend?

i got nothing… 4000 tokens, and i got nothing.
This goes to the 1700 total dollars spent and nothing.

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1 box primiun and nothing,it will not be that you are a developer and you gave yourself the hp? nigromante

Mate, i had the same issue. From android on the main menu screen, these achivment appear directly, without need to enter the achievemnt sub menu. Might help

I meant vs pc version

I have to be a bug, maybe it does not happen to me because I still do not complete it .-.

I also got 1 of these recently.

But … 1 swallow (or 2 swallows) they don´t make summer!

I hope they really have released them, so this can be a more competitive game for everyone.

You tooooo… after opening 301816 packs right? Tries not to cry… cries a lot


I got so emotional that I was about to fuse 2 torsos, including an Avenger…

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This thread making me want to waste more money on tokens now thinking that I will get one… I’m not gonna do it promised myself no…

Grats on the plates though


entonces tendremos batallas muy reñidas en pvp ^.^’

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I’ve been thinking that because of this they should give more chance of legend few people do not spend in the game … I hope we do not stagnate