As they said platinum plating does not come out .-


im unninstalling the game right now

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Dude wtf
Holy fuu… the thing does actually exist

@TechnoDive stay with us man. Maube drop rates changed. Or maybe not. Man this screenshot…

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the fack…
I just downed 4000 tokens, and i got sheet…
10 premium packs, and rest boxes, tout of the 10 premium packs, 4 were epic only…
I am uninstalling this game…that is it for me.


We should meet at a bar and get some drinks , im down


Can I have it

The sadness

no i meam it, after 1700 dollars spent and i didnt get 1 single myth protect or plate…
I am done with this game.


Im with you. Lets get drunk together. Seems like @El_Metre could use some as well


ngl 1.7k dollars in RON is a fucking lot , dude get some rest

Without platinum plating, heat mechs cannot advance.

Hopefully my 600 tokens can get me one at the next sale, though I doubt it

I’m jealous asf rn blin

I opened 6 boxes of 75 tokens and left

Not many people can steadyly pass r3 without these

Dude youre makung it harder. At leat pretend you opened 3542 packs or something

In order to get past my prison of rank 8 I need abomination, more energy engines, and platinum plating

do you still have that circled achivements…that are not existing?


Man you can definitely pass r8 without these…

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Well, since I am a damage heat, it is almost impossible to beat those physicals without those

I have almost all mythicals and am starting to max them
But without these premiums I have no chance


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