As people catch up

I have been playing tonight and it has been quite fun for me even though I am losing a lot. There are a lot of mechs with full fused items now. The top ranks are filling with people using free items like Supreme Cannon, Royal Launcher and Coreupt Lights as well as the premium Ash creators and death punches. 400+ heat and 400+ energy mechs are much more common now so are mechs with 2000 hit points. People are getting harder to beat. I think they may have removed the extra damage energy mechs do when they 0 opponents or nerfed it, so energy mechs are becoming kind of easy to beat unless they have two snipers and 2 ash creators or a death punch etc. I’m finding it difficult to even beat people that don’t have full myth weapons now. I will probably switch to a high health physical or a cheap corrupt light heater.
I think next week there will be even more people with more fused mythic I also think we will be seeing a lot less energy types.

Is this all in my mind or have any of you noticed this trend too?

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Very much so, Toxic.
Right now I struggle to survive with people who normally just died in turn 3, max 4. So this unveils the whole truth about our community… We are just a bunch of liars. Officially we accuse Tacticsoft of greed, misbehaviour, ignorance, etc. But privately, we just rip our wallets empty just to be a bit ahead of each other. The end result? Tacticsoft is working on another “gameplay experience booster”. What now? IDK, perhaps each bigboy mission costs 2 tokens? Or remember battle points? Yeach, this is a good idea. You get like 5 battle points, and each additional costs like 5 tokens. What do you think, COMMUNITY? You are just pathetic liars that like to pay, no matter what you get for it. It is soooo sad… And in the meantime, Tacticsoft just giggles with joy when they see their bank account balance… Wait, isn’t it what they meant every time they mentioned “game balancing”? Of course, this patch is good, and improves the balance - of Tacticsoft bank accounts. Period.

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well i can tell you this, the balance is non existent.
Yeah after the first 3 weeks the energy mechs ruled, they still are strong.
Only problem they have, is they have to guard themselfs against heat/energy/phis.
That means, high heat cap/decent cooling, high energy cap/ decent-high regen, high res/life … ant those can’t be achived in the same mech.
They didnt nerf anything…yet.
But like i said it more times then i can remember, the starting position makes or breaks your battle.
Heat build just need high heat/cooldown, and some decent energy… cause once they get to overheat you… you are dead. You either drain them fast, or they fack you up @ToxicDoll, your high dmg shotgun, isnt enough to beat a 360-400 energy mech, with 2 flamers, you lack the range breacking and drain is kinda of low.
They are spending, yeah they want to spend… because these are the guys that were left behind in the Legacy version.
Why did i spend? well i wanted to see what this update was about, the full of it… like i said i did my calculations, in the review, and ended up with 200 dollars needed to fully fuse 3 mechs, without the OP wepons, none of my builds have them, because i learned 2 weeks befor the update that searching boxes for certain wepons/modules is just a waste(200 dollars spent on hunting the ultracooling module… that got me none… was a scame…wrote aboute it with calculations and statistic, only 30% chance not in inventory was a lie… 124 of those boxes opened… not a single ultracooling module).
So i focused on the wepons that are free… they are decent… but they are no real match for what the OP are.Altho i have some Platinum plates(5… that were obtained in the first week thru endless and mindless grinding of bigboy), i dont use them, i find them extremly oscene in terms of hp gain, and simply they give a winning advantage no matter what wepons you face… phis mech that exceeds 3200 hp.I wanted to test my theory…and i was right.
Now the game is no fun for me, and altho some haters will say i can’t, or that i build specific…well haters will hate…i don’t care one bit for medals or rank. I stay in the game for my friends that are in the clan, if they want me to fight i can fight. if they want to take the top, i will take the top… but i have no desire whatsoever to do so.
@Mordulec i am working on a new calculation for grinding and transform based on the new bigboy nerf… it is beyound whatever logic a game should have…you will get it.Also as promised i will give the comparison of also 5 torsos, fully fused mythical, and 5 legs fully fused mythicals, and 5 wepons,modules,utility items, and drones.Bytheway they changed the name last few days of that energy drone, it is now called windforge.


Hey, @El_Metre, perhaps you will find some useful information in my two vids on my YT channel - Mordulec Square, about 3 myth energy torsos and also the calculations/costs based on the changes done to the Big Boy mission.

This confuses me right here you do 3v3 with nothing but free fully fused mythic weapons and beat rising who has nothing but fully fused op…

And Like I said I don’t want a gimmick mech because I grind, my goal is not to be able to beat mechs that spawn in front of me or spawn in the distance. I want to be able to beat them at any spawn point and 90% of the time I do which is my goal, My crappy mech as you so love to point out how much I suck, can still 0 out 350 energy at close range and 275 at long range but yeah that is not going to be enough so the answer people keep saying to that is nerf energy weapons make them drain less. So i figure once mechs have 500 energy and 200 recovery they will just ignore energy drain all together once the nerf happens because 2 shots with sniper even 2 of them won’t be enough and 2 ash creators won’t be enough it is barely enough now. And you know why my mech is not better, why its not = to yours because I do not throw the kind of money you throw at this game. And now since they nerfed endboss to only give crap it will take that much longer to finish my mech. Im perfectly fine waiting and upgrading when i can.
And I never said I can beat 2 fully fused flamers with 400 energy i really don’t care if i can or not they are very rare.

And really if they are impatient enough to spend the money to find 2 flamers in the first place and fuse them just so they can beat my pink energizer bunny well they deserve to beat it. They are who keep the lights on in this game…

and you keep explaining what my mech can do well guess what I understand the 4 weapons my mech has. I don’t need you to time and time again explain it to me it gets old fast.

4 is not a very high number to count to and I understand what all the little symbols and numbers mean in the weapon description oh and i can do simple math.,.

Thank you for using my torsos in your vid Mordulec I am honored.

yep i’m glad i could help you with those, and i’m glad you take the time to explain the real facts of this game.
Like i said in my first review… it’s a time/cash consuming trap, that you can either fall for it or not.
Like i said so many times, either invest a monstruous amount of time, or money, i went the money path, since the grind path simply would have make me lose my mind…
What i have tryed to do, was explain all the things that happened in this update.
Remember i had the strongest account available, with more then 1400 myths, with 4 sets of fully fused mechs, 120 m SM coins, 3000 tokens, and 3 weeks in beta(more then 3600dollars). Further more there were another 13000 tokens transformed into gold… i took the short way. I knew from the start that this was a trap, i knew how it works, and how to calculate evry single fussion/transformation.
I didnt do this not because i wanted the top, or to be the best, i did this because i wanted to explain and prove the real things that are going on in this game.
Toxic you are just toxic, and take things too personal, but that is your problem, instead of actualy learning from what i did, and take things as a constructive critiscism, you fall for the ill passion that this game is based, and that is the fake feeling of proving something… or the fake competition that is behind this game, and hate towards other players…but it is your problem.

Dont take my words as being harsh El Metre you’re a really cool guy and I enjoy most of our talks. I even enjoy when we get to battle. But I get the game is not very complicated in my opinion. I play games like this a lot like I said I play battletech and that is a real mech combat strategy game with 1000s of builds played on 3D terrain. I really wish we could talk and be friendly instead of it always being an argument of views lol.

This is a battletech mech. Battletech is a tabletop wargame. You should check it out it is very fun. They also make a computer version of is but I don’t get into that much. And I am not toxic I just don’t need a lecture every time I post something I mean hell you said I was dead inside how can i not take that personally?..

I guess after the first time you explained it to me that 350 will not 0 out 360 i got it, I even knew it before you told me. I even understand that if you get hit with 2 fully fused flamers you will lose i get it i’ve fought Mr X hell he is in my clan… I got it the first time you explained it to me and this time is probably the idk 10th? I even understood it before you explained it to me because I can do math i can even subtract four digit numbers so 3 digits are a breeze for me. :stuck_out_tongue: I guess I will just have to get used to you explaining to me that 350 is less than 360…

I mean I fight around a 1000 fights a week so I get it. I have fought super powered fully mythic mechs and week mechs. But that is how the game was to me before too if you did not have a maxed out god mode you had no chance…

Come on, man. Don’t be so shy…

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