Army id codes suggestion


so, being one of the most handsome lads in bd and the literal genius that i am, i had yet another brilliant idea.

my idea is having each army have an id that is generated by the game when you ask it to. like, for example, you send a spam at an enemy outpost and it has a hell of a lot of units on it. You get the br. By their army on the side theres a button that says “generate id”. You click it and it gives you a code to represent that army. You then go to one of your outposts and click “view units” for it to show all of your units at that location (another idea that should prolly have its own forum thread) and you click “generate id” there as well. Then you would go to the simulator and input your code in one field and the enemy army code into the other field, and it would calculate the battle for you.

And have the ability to input numerous codes. Like, when you ask your allies for their armies so you can count how much army you have total to fight with, instead of having to add up every unit, you can just ask them for their army id’s and you can copy snd input them in the simulator, separated by a space or a comma or a plus. If it doesnt recognize a code in the sequence of codes, it should underline or outline it in red or something so you know which one was wrong. Or you might have to reload if the other player got their army id after the last time you reloaded the game.

and don’t say we’ll run out of codes. we all seen what wonders lightsht and and imgur work. they have billions of codes, each one associated to a image. or we could have the system wipe the codes that belong in that era, at the end of the era so there is no build-up

  • Kaen is a literal genius and i like this idea
  • i disagree with this idea and would rather input every single unit one by one.

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The only thing that could be annoying is armies change all the time, which can make old codes obsolete, like every day

Other then that, it’d be handy af


wont it just basically make sure players dont take big fights that they will lose unless there is a lockdown?
will help noobs who dont calculate exp like me greatly though


Zealot, how do you go around counting battles with xp involved?


Reasonable estimates. That’s something that needs to be actually added - even though it would be tedious to code


people get Br’s all the time, and they still die :slight_smile:


Well, even if xp was added to the sim, without id codes it would be a pain to put in manually, because your army could have a bunch of different xp levels. And how many of each unit are which rank. That would be tedious. But with this idea it automatically inputs the id and shows you the battle including the xp each unit had at the time the id for that army was gotten.


Ah, I didn’t actually read that. NEED IT THEN @Alexander


@GenerationKill any good reason why this would be a bad idea?


@Rodrigo_Cuestas why would this be bad?


It means you can see the xp of enemy army also?or only for allies? This is nice but idont know how it works with many dif chasis to calculate all xp.


you can already see enemy army xp. the difference is that with the battle calculator/simulator, it’s impossible to include xp of army in it. this would basically be the same thing as getting a battle report except for it would be much easier to input into the battle simulator. and it would be more accurate, since it includes the xp those units have at the time the id was generated.


I don’t like Kaens they suck.


i liked the idea about have the code and sending BR’s to anyone, was that not in there ? voted yes