ArmorGames link

Your game no longer works on since the update… multiple froze pages in all sections… no way to play the game in any context. the comment section on the site is full of issues… since you also forgot or neglected to link armorgame players to the forum you aren’t hearing from them… yep… that’s it.

Instead of making a downbeat post you can forward this issue to @Sarah247 :stuck_out_tongue:

this is the bugs section… It’s a bug… there is no beat it’s not a song…

Thanks for reporting.
The devs are working on it right now.
I will update everyone as soon as I can!

It is working again!

I replied to another post. Would you prefer to discuss it here other than the other post?

I was attempting to try out the campaign mode… This page froze and it does not have an AG option.

Thank you for your response.

I tried the campaign a few more times. i’m also receiving this screen too (frozen).

It appears that this issue is still not fixed. We can not actually play the game… The Screenshots i provided is what happens when going to the campaign.

The Game is still broke on Armor Games.

Still experiencing issues and unable to play. I clicked on the account section in the option screen and received this screen. Perhaps there is some connection to the other screenshots i have posted.

Still broken after the patch… comments section on armor games validates i’m not the only one having this issue. Any word on when they are going to get to this?