Armor type Discussion


This has always been confusing to me about why it has to be concussive armor. In the olden days Tanks were king, everyone built tanks/heavys so it made sense with most the weapons type was explosive, after that changed the most used armor is still concussive. this might have changed actually i havent been around for a few yrs

ppl seem to use alot less tanks these days than inf. & vehs and i was wondering if after you scope out the competition maybe explosive armor might be better or beem armor, anything is probably better than concussive armor nowdays with so many inf. armys being used for the bonus’ and no penaltys factoring.

If most the world is veh’s or atleast the main competition then you would have a to naturally assume the most weapons would be beem so beem armor wouldnt be very good but it would also meen alot less explosive weapons than concussive or beem. strategically you would have to study your competition but i never see anyone else doing this, why ?


if you are playing solo, you can build any armor type. it doesnt matter. but when playing with an alliance that all use concussive armor, it is not a good idea. it’s just a simple rule that explosive weapon units die first. then the beam weapon units. and last the concussive. this helps balance the game a bit, since technically tanks don’t have a chassis they get a bonus over like inf has over veh and veh has over tanks. this makes it so that when tanks are fighting against an enemy, the first units of the enemy that die are anti-tank, so the longer the battle goes, the better it is for tanks as the enemy loses its anti-tank first, then anti-veh, and last anti-inf. so, when you are with an alliance that all have concussive armor, and you have concussive armor as well, the losses get shared equally/randomly (not too sure), but if you are using mixed armor while everyone else is using concussive armor, your alliancemates don’t lose a single concussive armor unit until all of your beam and explosive armor is dead.


i completely understand stacking armor types, mixing armor is bad news and so you have to build the same as your teammates, Now far as getting attacked first frankly any armor type you have assuming you and your team built correctly will be the only armor type there no matter what weapon type of armor your using it will be getting attacked first, what i am saying is dont you want the armor that is opposite the average or mostly used weapn type.


usually you would in case the battle goes on long enough for armor to step in to fight. but thats a lot of extra work and confusion. most people will still build concussive from habit, and you will just lose all of yours.


ive always been heavy on armor, i normally build my range first then maybe some Damage squads but tons of armor.
Developed that habit after playing solo for a bit it really helped big time without the aid of a team so armor is very important to me.

Here is my problem with armor type theory, lets say you have explosive inf. armor and your opponent is sending concussive wps against you chassey type does not matter, wont it still kill your inf. ex armor just as easy since its inf. after all ? how does wpn armor type actually even affect the battle its not like your going to have all 3 armor types for that little issue to matter. its very confusing and wiki does not even talk about it i dont think.

maybe all that matters as far as armor goes is it is the same wpn type and same chassey, wpn type doesnt really matter at all except for stacking purpose’s ?

If that is the case then you would want your armor wpn to match the most popular chassy type for the extra firepower ?


You can build other armor types and tell your teammates to do same. The issue is that sneaky people would make concussive anyways and at the end of the next big battle, guess who survived with the most units? Everyone making concussive was a means to eliminate these tactics


guess that cleared that up thanks


That is such a team in which no player likes to play.


that is true about players not following direction, it broke me from even wanting to train anymore or lead. Try to get everyone to build *specific military and armor and first big battle you guessed it all armor slots in the BR has something in it lol,

see i already know that :smiley: , another reason i bulk my armor up but thats what you get with random teams.
I’ve obviously been at the bottom of the barrel for a while :smiley:


It doesn’t ‘have’ to be concussive, the idea is that everyone in the alliance builds the same time so that when you fight together losses are split between all participants. Explosive units are always targetted first followed by beam then concussive so if 3 people build concussive and 1 person builds explosive armour when you fight together the guy using explosive armour will take all the losses.

Armour never gets to fire anyway so what weapon type it uses is irrelevant to the battle as it’s always dead by round 3, assuming your battle goes to round 3 in the first place.


lord give me strength, i’m just going to leave this alone.


It actually does get to fire in battles that are over 1 round, altho it doesn’t have too much of an impact overall :slight_smile:

But yea, armor doesn’t matter, it’s just a community thing that we all build the same type. If your team all decide and know that you want to build a different type than anti-inf, go for it!