Armor Gamer Review

So… after a few days of this countdown a small part of the game will work… this being the workshop and store… The other sections are still freezing. So… this review is incomplete at best.

From what little i have seen; i would not be surprised to see a dramatic loss of player base and with the purposed item limits it will be impossible to create long term accounts. To be honest i’m not seeing anything I see as being better or more attractive to new players in an extremely competitive market. My interest would be in seeing a increase in the player base as a whole. I think it would be best to organize the issues that i and anyone else playing AG are able to see at this time.

  1. Prior to seeing any part of the new update one is made an “offer” which was not really an offer as much as it was to decrease gold amounts… Since it was not known at that time what I was agreeing to I opted to not to convert all of my gold but just a small portion… This was a smart move for me, however, I could not help but feel like it was a shady move since … I don’t know what i’m agreeing to. I don’t live for the game, I merely play it casually along with other online games. I do consider it disrespectful to the player-base to call it an “offer” when it appears more like a trick.

  2. The proposed item limit… The limit is insane… the game is literally designed to horde since items are random…Also, tweaking a bot takes a long long time and requires many different items to get the bots’ weight within the limits. If there is to be an item limit it would need to be about 2500 items. This is considering being able to manage multiple bots in a random item acquisition … The current proposed limit is way off… I can not for see why anyone would want to play a game that would require as much maintenance it would require. That simply is not fun and not something i would spend anytime or money on.

  3. There is a timer on removing items, yet, I have not even been able to try out the game itself… So how am I to know what is worth keeping or not. This is largely due to this game not working properly on armor games. Something else to consider is this timer so far does not seem like it’s possible to clean out an average inventory in that amount of time consider the actions of (1.) …paradox?? This doesn’t seem well thought out.

  4. Upgrade costs… This is just bad math… No way can one completely overhaul an inventory with the reasons of(3), rebuild all of their bots The costs is way off mark. An epic item costing more gold than(1) to fully upgrade… It was 200k… At that rate one bot would be equal to 5 to 6 months of game-play. This too is simply not fun or anything i would invest anytime or money into.

  5. Upgrading items… So, this means…over the past few years all of the tweaking and refining of my mech/bot is instantly unless and I can’t upgrade them…Considering (2, 3, and 4) makes it perplexing…
    All i can think is the Devs’ would like the current player base to quit all together.

  6. I do not like forums… I normally never read them and even rarely ever post on one… I only have so much time and i do not wish to spend it typing when i could be playing…I think this is most people. I have read the developers asking for feedback but did not set up a method that would provide useful information. The feedback is setup to allow for too much unproductive information. There is so little that can be done or concluded by the method they are trying to retrieve this data.

I honestly could go on but as i type this it makes me wonder why any of this is my issue… I can simply play another game. Any of them would be happy to provide a playable, fair game. They would also be glad to take my money as well. It’s not a threat or an ultimatum it’s just the fact that there is plenty of games out there that are will in providing a Fun and Fair game.

I would like to add that I have in the past enjoyed Super Mechs and as I’ve seen changes over time, I am concerned that this may have went to far and will not bring in players that will be willing to stay and pay.

In closing, it is worth saying thank you to the super mech team for the past fun and i hope that there will be more. I am aware that it may seem as this post is not positive but i hope you understand that honesty is most productive. It is also a form of respect. I suppose if… that is if… ArmorGames link will get fixed soon I will post more on the game itself…

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The gap has widened between those who buy and those who don´t.

Before, if you were not a first-rate buyer, you could use intelligence and strategy to compete. Now the strategy goes into the background. You just need to have a strong mech, in which you have invested a lot of money or hours and more daily hours of a boring and repetitive task like the campaign and nothing more.

No new information. We are still unable to play the game at armor games… …

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Game is still broke on Armor Game…13 days and counting…