Armor Game Still Broke!

The game will work sometimes kinda, well the campaign will… then it will just go nuts and stop working… Just a thought perhaps it’s time to go back to beta on this one… Check the comment section on your armor game page to see what is happening. Pretty freaking annoying at this point…

I can’t speak on this much as I am not involved with Super Mechs, but to my knowledge we don’t use a custom flash client for ArmorGames or the likes.

Have you tried this guide if using Chrome: ?

Flash is taking a bit of a beating right now.

Thanks for the reply and double thanks for staying on topic. As for your suggestions they are not an issue since i’m not using chrome. I am aware of the the past few years of flash being replaced… it’s a shame really flash just doesn’t seem to have much of a life left. One example of the game not working is that the heal drone no longer works because when you lose health points it drops your max health. So if you had 500 max health and you were dmg of 50 was done to your bot, your max health possible would also drop by 50. That would leave you with 450 and no way to gain. I only made this forums account to report issues that happened after the update… I was sincerely hoping fixes would be made however as one thing is fixed another seems to break… I have a few thousand tokens left 6000 items and a timer counting down… even though i can’t play the game do need the tokens, clear out my item (since i can’t make gold and nothing to fuse them into) just seems silly for them to not even reply at all to all of the complaints to this upgrade… The bright side of this is i have time to try out other games. I’m not a hardcore gamer so i normally stick with just two … at most. apples to cider i guess.