Armor Dissolver

So I recently got an Armor Dissolver. At first I thought it was like the Armor Destroyer but L-M, but it turns out it’s just a prem repulser. What’s the point of it? The damage is so minuscule that it barely makes a difference, and when transformed it causes more heat. From the way I’m looking at it, a rare repulser is better.

Maybe you could buff it somehow? Add much more damage, more turns, armor drain, max stat drain, etc.

  • More damage
  • Resistance drain
  • Max stat drain
  • 3 turns instead of 2

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At it’s current stats, a maxed Rare Repulsor is better.

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Choice #5 for me: increased knockback capability ^^

(considering the fact that Repulser in supposed to throw enemies away from you, and THEORICALLY send your opponent into Flaming Scope range…Theorically because if you do the math (someone did some time ago in the forums, too lazy and busy to search it ^^), you can’t…)


Repulser has range 2-4,that means 2,3,4.
Has a push value of two.
So, it pushes from range 2,3,4 and sends your opponent to either range of 4,5,6.
Flaming Scope has range 8 only.
8≠6 (max range that can push at).
Here you go.


However,I doubt they’ll give it a push value of 4.
Even tho there were legacy items that had values of 3 and respectively 5…I still doubt it.

The Bully legacy item had 4 push and 3 range (I think). But that’s only 7, still not enough for flaming scope. HOWEVER, the old Supernova (now reckless beam) has knockback and really far range.

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There was pushers that pushed 5 places

Reckless beam is ultranova, supernova is hysteria. Also supernova’s max range is 6, meaning that with knockback you can get enemy to range 7. Useless as still not lava scope range and thus I have no idea why you even mentioned supernova here.

It has a push value of three ^^

Also decrease the heat generation if this weapon ^^

I dont know how to feel about possibility of making A deadly FS combo, FS works as it is now with uncautios players, in any other case its just an “Arena reductor”