Armor Anniliator and desert fury maxed myth?

I got both , which is better ? really appreciate if someone share me the maxed stats of both , thanks.

You can find DF’s stats in the Andernut’s topic about Maxed myths, but we’re still waiting for AA’s stats…

I’d say they are for different usages…
DF for high resistance drain at long range, and AA for close-to-medium range insta-mass resistance drain…

Looool both are trash

Switch in your mind

Into that then


If u need to use o e of them use desert fury , armour dissolver a total waste !

But idk I think night eagle is better with annihlator / nightfalls

Who talked about NE, NF and maybe the minigun Annihilation ?

Maybe youndont know but a top weapon alone isn’t enough to make a mech :slight_smile:

You need to choose the weapon that best pairs with the other weapons you are using .

If you have something to contribute and help him, please do rather than sending nonsense replies to my posts

I know a top weapon isn’t enough, I also know it’s better if you pair it with your other weapons and your playstyle, but I far as I remember, AA is a side weapon ^^

What I mean Is I prefer night eagle rather than desert fury with nightfal annihlator builds

Definitely Desert fury since it’s dmg is somewhat better than Armor Shit-nator, but If I were you, I’d avoid using them on a build. Use em for myth fod, they’d serve a better purpose then.


They are both made from the same,purest shit…
While Desert Fury may seem like something, trust me,it ain’t…
The res drain is no good on such a weak,energy-dependent weapon.
Myth food myth food

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