Armor Annihilator

Yay! :slight_smile: I finally found the Armor Annihilator in the box. The portal sucks, I don’t think anyone got it from the portal.


hey, that’s pretty good.


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Holy crap that’s a lot of paints

Lol I don’t have that much

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-_- Lol, it’s not a lot

You are right.
That is not a lot… that is a HUGE lot.

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Lol, you guys have to make it that big of a deal.

lmao yes we do

Just curious, how many tokens did you spend on that?

I spend it when it was on sale. The prices reduced.

The better question is:
Can those paint items be used for fusions?

The cheapest ones costs 5 tokens (Tempest’s ones cost 7 tokens each) and compared to an epic chest giving a useless epic equipment for 75 tokens that would be far cheaper to power-level some items.
After all according to the pic all those color items are ranked epic.

ok -18 resist, i wonder when it was myth verison could be - 25 + ressist but that is worthless because bloodweap deal better damage ( 2-4) also dessert fury - 24 ( 4-8) range

I bought it for the future and mostly for fun. All the tokens I used are free, mate. The ones I bought cost like 3 or 4 tokens because it was on sale.

I agree it’s not much I’ve seen more paint kit

18 Resistance Drain

Still a better weapon than Sword Abusers

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Don’t have much you say

Hey what did you said! :angry:
Don’t think my sword is weak.

Imagine if they had swords for top weapons…

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well that would be interesting