Armor Annihilator: make it a physical version of Bunker Shell/Magma Blast

Title says all. This weapon is really useless due to its extremely low damage.
I propose to buff it a lot and make it the physical version of bunker shell/Magma blast.

First idea with high damage and less drain:

Weight: 48
Range: 2-4
Physical Damage: 380 - 510
Phys Drain: -10
1 use
Cost: +45 Heat

Second idea with decent damage and same drain:

Weight: 46
Range: 2-4
Physical Damage: 220 - 340
Phys Drain: -30
1 use
Cost: +45 heat

@Sarah247 @Mohadib


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As a L-M too,it should have this kind of stats.


I like the idea. But whit stats like these it wouldnt have any interest vs a nightfall…


maybe like that somebody will use that weapon
i like the first idea

I’ll be seriously mad if this gets added since I fused mine.


i feel like someones gonna pack 3 of these and a nightfall and call it a day if it was option1

since i dont see any knockback


Maybe. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. We don’t know

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There is at least one mistake in your stats:
As the physical version of Bunker Shell (Energy) and Magma Blast (Heat) its costs have to be divided into 50% energy and 50% heat and the sum of both would have to equal the energy / heat costs of the others (+1).

So firing costs would be 16 energy + 16 heat as the others cost 31 energy or 31 heat respectively.

P.S.: Rather than altering an existing item completely TS should simply release a new item with such stats that takes that role.
Btw. I do know that this defeats the official purpose to make Armor Annihilator useful - noble purpose…yeah sure…
The real purpose is that those players that have Armor Annihilator want it to change because then they had useful weapons.
Like turning scrap metal into solid gold.

But that ain’t what TS wants with powerful items.
For TS players spending money for those items is the goal.
So if TS ever introduces a physical version of Magma Blast / Bunker Shell then it will be via item portal with extremely low drop rates and afterwards only as rare drops from premium boxes, premium packs or fortune boxes.


I think some phys builds are already op… anytime i get a enemy with dual ani, i’m screwed, and now you want a weapon with more phys damage and drain together? oh sure…

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Maybe you’re screwed against Dual Annihis, but you make some/few other builds screwed against you…

A phys OP build against you will be almost useless against me, the opposite work, etc…it’s a question of cycles and weaknesses…^^

Before reloaded, this weapon was like that. High damage, 1 use. Don’t remember the weapon name but it looks exactly like the Armor Annihilator we have now.

They basically created a new weapon with the old sprites. They “reloaded” the old weapons lol.

I like your idea though.

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Guys, we don’t need this weapon in game. That’s all.

Armor Breaker

The sprite is actually different.

Armor Breaker:
Armor Breaker

Armor Annihilator:
Armor Annihilator

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@Sarah247 @Mohadib XD!

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we dont want the return of the shotgun/nova/twin anniliator mech meta return and break the game again :
In this version

  • Mercy
  • Twin Armor anniliator
  • Spartan carnage/Desert Fury/Reckless Beam
  • Zark/Brutality
  • Claw
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