Arishkegal....Holy_Tablets pink bot

Arishkegal female Queen of Holy_Tablets. Need a clan to join? Need a robot to challenge? Comment below…introduce yourself…

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Respect to the Queen

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Yes…what do you mean WOT?

is this clan recruitment?

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i think so maybe probily

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Yes… I can recruit too…interested?

nope…just asking if you are recruiting…if yes i’ll move this to clan recruitment category

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Walking away


Hey @Sumerian_Tablet

Why are you looking for Sumarian_Tablet

This is Arishkegal…He is here…He can’t respond because he posted a lot. I’m here though…This is my clan member

I am in his clan, just saying hi :slight_smile:


So am I. I’m introducing myself and you on my clan page. Thank you for commenting in the forum. Feel free to comment on my page and post. Message me and Sumarian_Tablet

… Ok? What should I message? I was here in the Forums for quite a month now.

Waaaaait, you both joined in now?

You have a page? Ill let Sumarian_Tablet know now.

Wait wha? I don’t get this

Like this

Ahh yeah.