Arena update .No news at the front

I have not noticed that the sand update has any effect that really makes a difference.

I have almost everything at 9 and 11% and my weapons keep hitting the same. Sometimes with less force than before this update.

In resistance there is almost no difference. Nor in the capacity of energy or heat. That is, you see that it increases a little, but in the battle it´s practically the same. Don´t know … we’ll have to wait a few months until we have everything in 20%. But as everyone will have the same, it will be the same as always.


Don’t know about cap/regen/cooling/res, but “offensive” stats are definitely noticeable


The heat and energy stats balance themselves out, more or less - you have more cap and regen, but opponent does more drain, same for heat. However, the damage stat makes a pretty big difference, since resistance is too small to be effected by a percentage unless you use max protector. If you don’t believe me, just try dealing with mythical nightfall. You’ll notice the difference real fast. :smile:

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Heats suffer the most. I know it because I´ve 2. If you get energy, they’ll beat you in 3 turns.

The only ones who can successfully face the energies are phys, if they have a good energy level (500/200). but to place 3 energy modules and 2 of heat, which is what a phys needs, lowers the HP a lot, unless you have platinum. So you win the energys, but you’re compromised in front of other phys.

The heats are in decline again. Some developer has a phobia to heats.

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all-around build is a dream

But we still try…

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Mr money is a powerful gentleman.

TS has never done anything that doesn´t report money. They invented this to make everyone believe that they are doing something for people who don´t pay to win. But is not true. The gap is still very large between those who have 4 or 5 platinum plates and those who have only 1 or 2 or none.

I say Mr money without Mr luck is useless


I’m feeling that gap more than ever! I feel I have my place in rank 1 but its getting very very hard without any L-M only module…

I’ve spent enough to know that I should have at least 1 god dammit!


I dont use heat, so I cant really comment on that. Ive focussed most my points on both electric and physical damage stats (as I use a phys and damage oriented energy mech) and I’ve noticed a boost in my power. I’d say its a good thing that its not too impactful or things would get out of hand but I think its a pretty nice little bonus. I quite dig the update.

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Mercy can deal 500+ dmg now, i think its a pretty nice little bonus

How many platinum do you have?

IDK about that - my heat absolutely annihilates energy. Of course, mine has 3 premium items (no plates or resist of course) so that may make the difference. I’d personally argue that heat is weakest to physical, since its usually weak in close quarters and a well built physical using periodic cooldowns will usually destroy.

Actualy mathematicly speaking heat is the weackest… since the heat dmg is lower the the energy dmg … so the bonuses to it are smaller.
And the facr that the heat dmg bonus scales lower then the heat cap bonus.
Add also the fact that it needs range 2 premium wepons… and it kind of suks.
In the long term when the bonuses get to 20% it kinda starts to shine, but you need 20% in both dmg and heat dmg…and also range 2 premium wepons.
If the bonuses are not apkied corectly… as in less as wep showed me… then heat gets to be the weackest.
But then again, math in SM, is like fantasy, 11% can be 15% to some, or 8 % to others… wouldnt be surprised.

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These are my two heats guys. The majority of energy is beated it in 3 shifts.

They are not so bad, right? but energies are dominating the game again.


Holy crap man… 4 Magmas? What is goin’ on with that…

this is what i’ve been talking about!!!
(in other posts mentioning how they should benefit energy or something like that :expressionless:)

Told you little panther numbers dont lie… a bunker hits you for 650+ dmg, and face shoker 350+,
Sure some will say … put energy modules… only to get hit by 400 dmg NF and 200 dmg void.

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its work fol all mechs, yeah heat base is not so powerful, but every mech can’t live a long without pp with res and phys or energy mechs not an exceptions, but how stupid it did not sound heat mechs have a more big deal with that “stats”(hp+res) + in top right now more heat mechs than energy mechs

Why are you so surprised? This mech is cleraly built to beat heat mechs. 438 heat and 306 cooldown… if you use a mech with 438 energy cap and 309 regeneration im pretty sure you can beat nrg. Its easy to say that nrg is beating you while you do nothing to prepare for an nrg mech.

As a physical,I went from 700 average damage per full combo to around 850-900 per.
Trust me;as you already know that physicals gain turns at a certain hp amount,this is a dramatic change in power overall.
And that’s just 11%.
My heat cap has also met some pretty good upgrades.
Not to say my cooling.
My cooling has dramatically went up and at full legend module setup,it performs as a full mythical!

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