Arena Screen Bug

Hey Supermechs! Upon recent update and changes, the arena screen is like this:

After clicking the back button on the top left:

This happens on both the website and iOS. This only happened after I updated the game so there must be a bug. Thank you!

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This was reported previously, I believe they said it should be fixed in the coming update (when BB gets it’s new sprite back). I believe.

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@Transcendant I can’t do the daily arena battles :frowning:

Have you cleared cache and/or tried another browser? I don’t know if these would help you.

if not PM Sarah with that tomorrow

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Thanks for the advice but I doubt it because it happens on iOS/mobile phone too.

Then I would suggest waiting for the next update to see if that fixes it.

(with so many bugs coming these updates it’s amazing they haven’t started actually working on them).

Clear rubish at your phone.