Arena Rank 3 vs Rank 1

And yes, the cheesy line was necessary


:ok_hand::joy::+1: :b:ice fighting :b: thats a real :100:/:100:


-65 phys res , impressive stuff there lad.

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how much damage does a fully upgraded legendary tier nightfall do :grey_question:

180 -220 i think… something like that but it’s top gun damage is 220 then at mythic i think it is 220-300 base.

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Rank 7 defeat rank 1…

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Arena or ladder

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Lol nice ranking system Tacticsoft

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When rank 25 match with rank 1…

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:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:you recked him hahahahahaha:laughing::laughing:

what?..Bruce got 10,000 coins…I only get 3-4000 coins…

lmao its funny he was never able to kill me

The truth here, is that rank 1 mechs are built and configured for 3v3 battles. It’s a whole different setup.

Sorry to spoil your buzz, but my 1v1 heat mech trashes the R1 heat mechs too. It’s no big deal.

Mine doesn’t discriminate; it trashes heat and phys