Arena Population: It gets worse and worse!


So, managed to get some battles earlier, but can’t seem to get my 5th win due to NOBODY being online to match me a battle with.

I have noticed since hours that the arena population is between 270-300 players, which is the lowest I have ever seen it during the same hours of any given day.

Without PvP there truly is no point to this game.

This game is in the poorhouse for sure! Just glad I didn’t throw money away since a long time. Will all eventually be a waste once this game inevitably disappears.

So many things killed this game, especially greed!


Mr. E? What a surprise!

I, on the other hand, finished my 5 battles in 10 minutes… about 5 wins and 4 losses


Wow, top ranks is very desolate, yes?


I think it’s much better at lower ranks. But I’m sure you also end up fighting the same guys over and over and over?


No, actually.

Yes, it may be due to the fact I’m at a much lower rank, but I versed people a rank below, same rank, above rank…

I even saw @rrr, @Marija, @RIDVAN22 in a row which they all have different ranks


This is what happens when you nerf player rewards to oblivion. Nobody bothers to play, and nobody can advance.


Hope you get an easy win within the next 3 minutes :+1:

(If easy wins are what top players like)


I just searched for 15 mins and didn’t get a battle. Will try later maybe.

Good thing is that I’m maxed on all arena shop perks except heat and elec damages. So I’m not that bothered if I lose battles and coins anymore.

I can’t be hanging around the battle screen like a desperate monkey. Fu<k that!


Always facing same people, after waiting more than 10mins everytime. Boring AF. Gets worse at end of season, since we have players “protecting” their 13th position (wth?)… starting to be quite lame…


Well that’s the other problem. The arena points system discourages people to play at R1. When you’re at any top 10 position you can immediately fall to 25-30 with one loss. It gets even more risky to play from top 5 spots.

Me on the other hand, I could care less. I play no matter what, just like you.

But this system stinks!


Just wait til I get there, I’ll whip yo azz’s and not hide like a coward.


Well make it fast, the game might not be around at your pace. You should have been there months ago :neutral_face:


Lost yesterday while being #1, guy got a crazy jump from 20+ spot. Pretty sure he wont play until season end… lolable…


Yep, it is pretty funny. Some people play this game as if their life depends on it.


People play how they see fit.
But weak dudes achieving high ranking out of a few nice victories on monday, not to play until friday evening is something out of my unserstanding.
I couldnt care less, but waiting 15min for a battle…


:clap: SM IS DYING,YAAAAYY :clap:


A good sign the game is dying is when you’re a Rank 2, and you wait over 7 minutes for a match, only to fight a Rank 4!

Yes, that happened to me last night! :grimacing:

As much as I’d like it fixed, there’s a part of me that’s fine leaving it the way that it is… so I finally have a good excuse to quit this game :neutral_face:


On rank 4 you still need wait 3-4 min for fight :slightly_smiling_face:


Im usually rank 3, and it happens that I get rank 4 or even 5 as opponent, and then next one rank 1
I think 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 should be back, its more fun in my opinion


I was waiting for 3 minutes for a match in r6 once lmao