Arena madness event(+100% gold)

@Sarah247 please move this to new&update :wink:

again…? does this mean no portal or just to prep for it…

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I plan to make a fake portal topic again :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Ts:Arena madness
Us:-face palm-

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Eh, I’ve a feeling we’ll be getting one regardless.

would be funny if they didn’t mean for arena madness to be up rn


the fight was difficult ? , insane

Here’s the catch :

Everytime before a portal comes, a sale or Arena madness comes right? Like how the last Arena Madness gave us the bugged Lightning Scope, so tomorrow is?

Before bugged portal it was sale for premium… But before sale - madness)


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It was? I don’t remember…

It was always a sale (typically after a portal if I recall).

And Sarah has confirmed with previous portals that we’d always get them on Thursday’s if all went right. (Look back to last week, we got it on Thursday albeit it bugged). It’ll likely be the same this week.

Hopefully they’ve ironed the bugs out by then.

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I don’t remember that it was a sale ;-;

Maybe Ts should fix my memories xd

Ya said

The are too busy

… Well, that’s the only thing I saw.

Until more information has been released. I suggest being patient until tomorrow.


A-fuqing again?

Lol more money.