Arena Madness +100% XP





Hey, useful for me! I can use this to catch up to Fluxy rabbit. just need 39 mil exp


Yes this is um, VERY useful for someone who is um… cough cough


what about an idea that we can sell xp to get coin or tokens :thinking:


This will help me to reach 100M exp thou


Damn! I’ve been level 150 a while ago, but I desperately want this double exp event! Thank you @Tacticsoft for this godsent event. :joy:


My eyes


This is the weirdest choice of all possible bonuses… Suddenly Tacticsoft decided to speed up levelling of players? So why the hell did they nerf the 120 fuel tank, nerfed the droprates to oblivion SEVERAL TIMES? Only to provide such bonuses? Out of sense, out of use… Just… TS.


They reduced it so when they put out events like this, people will use it.


So this is like the strategy: “we now cut off your left hand, but do not worry. We still allow you to use your right hand. Besides, there will be various events, like borrowing super useful artificial left hand, so that you can rejoyce!” Perfect! I LIKE IT! Thumbs up!
Edit: Notice I raised my RIGHT hand… Do you know why?:smiley:


That’s exactly how it is lol

But more like:
Let us take away your unlimited mobile data, and reduce you to limited mobile data but sometimes, we’ll give you a day of free mobile data.

No loss like a hand or anything. We don’t need it, yet we would like it

Gotta look at it from different angles


the only thing i can hope for is that this is an indication that they will be raising the level cap - and we 150’s (for over a year) can get fuel refills again … here’s to hoping…#shrug


Im so happy with this event… nailed my needs