[ARENA IDEA] Better PvP Rewards with less Smurfing

Currently, there’s a few major issues with the Arena

  • Lack of good rewards other than the occasional Epic (which is usually not that great either). What really sucks, is having an awesome match where you barely survive, and you get either nothing or a couple of Commons
  • Too many Smurfs (higher level players playing at lower levels). I understand their plight… who wants to keep facing off with equal to superior mechs with little to gain
  • Lack of motivation beyond the first 5 matches. Once the double gold runs out, you’re better off farming gold from the Campaign to improve your Mech


Make the Arena Great Again! For Ranked 2v2 matches (Rank 15-1) award a Guaranteed Fortune Box under the following conditions…

:one: Defeating an Opponent of Same Rank, with only 1 Mech remaining, and at 100 HP or less
:two: Defeating an Opponent 1 Rank Better, with only 1 Mech remaining, and at 250 HP or less
:three: Defeating an Opponent 2 Ranks Better, with only 1 Mech remaining, and at 500 HP or less


  • The Idea is a Great Reward for a Great Battle. The odds are better when you’re the underdog. It will actually make those Epic battles feel even more Epic! :fireworks::balloon::tada::sparkler::boom:
  • I feel a guaranteed Fortune Box is fair. The conditions are stringent enough that it would be hard to abuse. Fortune Boxes themselves only give 5% Legendary… but it sure is exciting to watch those lights! :money_mouth_face:
  • You will not get rewarded for quick and easy battles… only the close ones
  • Rank is based on Highest Achieved Rank and not Current Rank. This proposal will not benefit Smurfs and will actually encourage them to stay at their level.
  • Perhaps when displaying Rank during the match, TS can place the Highest Achieved Rank in brackets afterwards (this will let players know when they have a better chance of getting the Fortune Box as well as exposing the Smurfs)

Expected Results:

  • Great Rewards for Great Battles. Will give some added push to play some extra Arena Battles (more Arena players means less waiting time)
  • Some added Excitement for when you see that you’re the underdog (instead of cursing the matchmaking system for making that David vs Goliath matchup :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:)
  • Keeps the Smurfs in their proper bracket. Chance to get some good loot for fighting opponents of their own rank or better, and more importantly, to improve their Mech.


  • I would like to see these Fortune Boxes in PvP, as suggested or similar
  • I would like to see better rewards in PVP, but in a different manner (please explain)
  • I would not like to see better rewards in PvP

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Mate…you’re just making good ideas.

Sadly…that needs money…
Ts would probably say no

I would like that and it have less chances

I would argue more from a customer satisfaction perspective

The whole idea is to keep the customer engaged, and keep wanting to make their Mech better. That’s what will make them spend more money. In the long run, TS benefits

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I thought about that… maybe minimum 67% chance. It seems TS is not a fan of the automatic Fortune Box (as seen in the campaign). At least guarantee an item box.

If lowering to anything less than 67%, then I’d make the conditions a bit less stringent. Let’s say that for a 33% chance of Fortune Box, then 200HP for an even match, 400HP for 1 better rank, and 600HP for 2 better rank.

I still prefer the 100% chance for the reasons mentioned :grinning:

Another fantastic idea!

arena season bonuses do enough

But you can easily get high up with your daily 5 wins + losses

This will motivate playing outside of the 5 rewards in a big way

but then rank progressing might rapidly accelerate

ts doesnt want everyone to reach r1

edit: there are no penalties for smurfing, and losing a couple of battles will only better your chances of winning cuz you’re going down the ladder too.

Why smurfs topics keep coming?
Just let the dudes play as they see fit.
İf you cant bit them, question your builds, not theirs…

@cousin_joe, good to see you keep flowing with ideas. Like most o them mate.

Thanks boss…

If I feel we’re being heard, I’ll keep them coming :wink: (that wink is for you @Sarah247)

Carefull on exploits of the reward sistem.
And of “fixed” pvp matches, that can rank up the rewards quite easy.

I hear ya
Maybe the best way to implement is the % chance

If they did something like this, hopefully at least 33% minimum

Do remember though, legendaries only drop at 5%… very slim… it’s more the chance at getting the box which is the selling point

Wow, I’m starting to think like Tacticsoft… First 100%, then 67%, and now 33%. I think I’m hanging around these forums too much :rofl:

5% is fat

thats a legy in every 20 fortune boxes u get

How many Arena battles do you survive with less than a 100 HP though? It’s relatively rare.

it’s more common in lower ranks tho

Gotta be Rank 15 and better

I think I read somewhere Legendary rates vary for Normal, Hard, and Insane in Campaign Fortune Boxes

Maybe do something similar, like 5% for Rank 5-1, 3.75% for Rank 10-6, 2.5% for Rank 15-11

then it’ll be exploit nation for rank 5s, as everyone will try to smurf their way down to the lowest possible rank with the highest possible legy chance. what will really happen is that there’s gonna be lots of smurfing rank 5s, 10s, and 15s and not a lot of the 1-4, 6-9, and 11-14 unless they dont care for the fortune boxes.