Arena coins missing (premium and advertising bug)

As others stated already …

If you make your 5 Arena battles for getting the new Arena coins, you only get 6 instead of the 9 promised Arena Coins per battle, if you watch the advertising :exclamation:

Thats 15 Arena Coins missing every day …


Just wanted to be sure that this issue is stated here also in “Bugs & Issues” :exclamation:



I’ve noticed the same thing.

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Same here.

Thanks in advance

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Also the 5th win has ghost silver coibs. You dont get them :L

That was actually a bug we noticed shortly after the version went up yesterday and it was fixed not long afterward.

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But I played few hours ago (2 - 3) and I still didn’t get the extra Arena Coins :interrobang:

Edit: oh I saw, you meant the 5th win

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Same here, still short 15 silvers, for today’s run

I don’t have premium so, ok.
And the advertising won’t work for me now. Strangest thing I saw on super mechs. It usually pops up but it ends up crashing.

Yeah it still isnt working . I am short 15 coins two days in a row

Same here dear devs.

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Still not working :

  • when you watch video for Premium Reward you get only the 6 Arena Coins instead of the 9 promised :exclamation:

  • also if you buy Premium, you get the first time (after first win) also only 6 Arena Coins instead of the 9 promised :exclamation:



Missing coins seriously piled up

Not getting this bug. Buy premium prior to 5 matches and get the 9 coins every time.

To be safe, I suggest you clear browser cache prior to buying premium and then after first match.

If on mobile then restart app after buying. After missing out on first 2 days extra 15+15, I take every measure to get those extra coins. They are worth so much!

Just get the premium to be safe. Those coins cannot be bought for all the money in the world. You bcan exponentialy behind quite soon.

Same here I’ve lost out on 15 silver coins every day since the shop addition, I get the bonus gold but not the silver.

hey sarah if u could give me my 670 tokens back that i spent on premium boxes and didnt get them pls i would love to ave those back pls and ty then i also just bought a perium box and couldnt open it
and i bought 2 premium packs and could open them