Arena Box Unsaved


OOoooo this makes me mad!
So, I opened my 15-Arena Box that I get once a week, and it said that it would go to my unclaimed boxes.
But it didn’t, simple as that.
Please fix this and give me back my arena box if you can.


Let me know if you need my account information, but above all JUST FIX THIS PLEASE.


It should have just opened. If you don’t see any new legendaries, it means you only got epics


No, it deletes the box.

And the ones whe call devs ain’t even concerned about.


It usually appears in my inventory


So we ain’t talking about the same bug.


Winz_Kay, that is because your inventory had space.

Devs, please respond or live in shame.


It also shows the “it will go to unclaimed” warning


Hope @Berserk40000 responds this one.