Arena boost not applying


Am I the only one that it seems that arena boost ( heat and cooling at least, needs further testing) don’t apply…

Correct me if I’m wrong but numbers u see in the workshop are without the arena boost…

So to that number I must add the % of boost when in match?!

Well nothing adds up…

I could use that help…


Maybe refresh the page?

I also need to tell you.

Do you use facebook?


I’m on mobile…


Pehraps restarting your mobile?



Android or iOS?
(20 char)




Re instaling game pehraps?


Numbers in workshop should be with arena boosts…

I’m on Android, are you sure that the boosts don’t apply to your stats? Check it like I did, place only one module on robot and check stats


Doesn’t apply in workshop


It applies to the final mech stats, not particular weapons/modules
You must look at mech summary


Oh wow ok my bad… didn’t look close enough and always though it didn’t apply in workshop!
Thx mate


I think you can mark my post as solution then
And your welcome


I’m looking for reason of why I’m loosing :wink: