Arena bonus not working again


Omfg I get arena coins bonus blocked atleast once x day or one time each 2 days…

What to do to try solve it?
Can sm staff implement somethin allowing us to get again lost coins due to advertisements/game system not working?

Or can we send tickets to support? So they can fix missing arena coins?


It seems that the ad feature is broken.
I wonder why it happened just when we had a portal going on :thinking:


Hello, thanks for contacting us!
We’ll look into it! Can you provide us with your ID in Personal messages, please? :slight_smile:


and friiz87


Hello, thanks for the patience
@11160 @ancyrio what platforms are you using? :slight_smile:


@ancyrio sent a mobile screenshot, @11160 sent a browser Ad screenshot, welcome.


As killin told u. I was using smartphone ( android operating system)


pc - win7 ))