Arena Battle need to go back to 1v1


You most likely are right that the phone is the glitchy guy


JamAnime, I apologize for the off topic comments. I completely agree with you on going back to 1v1 rank matches. That was the most fun.


I’m not sitting at the screen fighting a heat mech when I get over heated loosing turn after turn. Nor am I sitting watch my mech loose all energy, and no weapon to use. I’m still working in balancing out my heat and energy. Am I to sit and watch, when I can’t do nothing. You talking sportsmanship. lmao. This ain’t a sport, it’s an online game. The definition of sportsmanship is fair and generous behavior or treatment of others, especially in a sports contest. But if you want to lay this game out in fair, this game is not fair. Sitting at my screen seeing my 2 mechs getting beat the crap out of just by one mech would be unsportsmanlike. Yet this is not a sport. I only see the word sportsmanship, as a sports word, not a computer online game. Your just sitting on your butt and looking at a screen.


Sportsmanship is more then dealing with sports. It’s more of a generalization term for how one should conduct themselves in a competitive environment. If you or anyone else feel like bailing out of a match for whatever reason is up to you and how you like to deal with the situation. If your mechs aren’t as far along as you would like… maybe take a break from the arena to regroup and tune. Many do this.
I believe if I or anyone goes into the arena and starts to get shredded then that person should take that shredding because it’s a potential scenario for us all.


I do take brakes. I only do 5 wins a day. That is the daily 5. Yet it takes 5 to 20 arena battles to complete that task. Other than that, nothing. I’m only in the arena every 24hrs.


When the emp nerf happened I think I took a one week break from the arena entirely to retune…it was nonstop swap this, try this, rework that, weight issues…when I felt I was ready to re enter the arena i was so far behind in rank that I had to start from rank 7.2