Arena Battle need to go back to 1v1


As this topic has been posted over and over in different ways, I will continue to get the word out in different ways.

Arena battle needs to be 1v1 at all ranks 25-1. Not 1v1 25-16, than 2v2 15-1. It needs to be back when you get to choose how many mech’s you use in battle of 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3. The ranking system was much better this way. In “15-1 2v2” it gives old players the advantage no matter what. New players don’t get any advantage, even if pay out of your pocket. That is just going to make them leave, when they don’t know the game. They stay at 20-16, not realizing they need 2 mechs for battle. Even if I had my old account, that was a rank 1, I still would want 1v1. I hated 2v2 and 3v3. At that time I always had 1-3 mechs build. Yet, I got bored of doing 2v2 and 3v3. I don’t like battling out a person that takes more than 2 mins. I’m rank 12 now on a new account, and just getting pissed off. Your forcing players to build a 2nd mech this way. Let them choose, they be more surprise when they realize they can battle more.

Who is all for this:

  • Choose your battle of number of mechs 1v1,2v2, 3v3, and rank doesn’t matter.
  • Leave how it is at 20-16 1v1, and 15-1 2v2

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Frist of all why is this on bugs topic?
And second of all we all want that back.

Ugh…can we forget about this 2v2 stuff?


It’s in Bugs & Issues category, so obviously it’s an issue for him, not a bug issue. But you’re right. It should be in a different category, probably General Discussion.


As much as I like 1v1 and am all for it, if you make all modes available then youre going to have long waiting times. This also means theres more mismatches because the system has to give you a match, so youre more likely to meet unbeatable players. Youre a legacy player as well, you should remember how long the matches took to find even back then, now made worse because of the smaller playerbase.


@The_Yo_Yo_Man: It is an Issue because 82% of 17 votes don’t like this 2v2. Something should be done. I bet you that percentage would be more if 1000 players voted.

Another reason I don’t like it, and bet you a lot of others would agree on this, is that I quit a lot because of this 2v2. When it was 1v1, I hardly ever did. I quit in 2v2 is when I know 100% that I can’t win. It be a waist to battle it out that long, using 2 mechs. In 1v1 wouldn’t. In 1v1 it help me to understand what changes I need to make, next time I fight an opponent that have a similar mech. I could work on 1 mech at a time, instead 2. If I were new, I would get to understand the game more, but I’m not. Make it fair for all.


Make forced 3v3



3v3 is the best mode…all smart people agree


All people who have a sht third mech disagree… However, it does have it’s advantages
It means you can make a phys, heat and energy mech and have all of them instead of having to guess which of the three your opponent is gonna pick…


I think they should give us a month warning, 2 item mania portals, and then release forced 3v3


that’ll give me time to do up my heat mech…


Brace yourself for next step is forced 6v6.
TS mate, did you think i wouldnt notice these 6 slots… Well played…


2 phys mech… 2 energy… 2 heat…


I just saw the gummy bear song for the first time… someone kill me…


estoy deacuerdo que uno mismo pueda elegir 1vs1 o 2vs2 o 3vs3


We all want 1v1 and 3v3 back, but it’s not an option.




“I quit…”

For some reason it’s not letting me do the quote function so I just did it this way.

In regards to quitting.,imho, the only acceptable time to quit is due to the infamous mismatch in mech selection, even then I’m not sure I agree with quitting. There should be a medal given out for most quits. I see soooo many people quitting when they barely start to lose and a comeback could absolute be had. I have witnessed on some acc’s that every loss they have is from quitting. It’s sad and poor sportsmanship. Why take the potential winners glory away? Because the loser is a baby. Quitting is for…ya know…losers…sorry for the rant and I’m sure I’ll get flagged


Yingyang, that’s strange you can’t use the quote function now. I’ve seen you use it all the time in the past. :thinking:


I’m not sure if it’s my phone or a phantom temp glitch…it’s happened to me before and usually goes away after a couple restarts or something


Oh, you’re on the phone using the forum. That must suck. Anyway, I always found the phone to be glitchy. Maybe using the phone is causing the problem? I never experienced that problem on my PC.