Area to laugh at bad things in SM


This will be the area to laugh at things that are insanely horrible like senior quad’s 2 shutdown. His shutdown is 2? 2? Any boiler will go lol 1,000 times.


When u come to arena battle with raid setup mech


All the nerfs are worthy of laughing at


How about the entire game lol.


I thought exactly the same when I read the tittle.


Yep. Beats me senseless thinking about why some of us stick around. Definitely has to do with some mental disorder.


or maybe we are just seeing the good points of SM ?
Maybe we like the game as it is now ?
Maybe we keep the faith that the game will be better after this dark age ?
Maybe because it became an habit to play ?
Maybe we can still have fun despite the bugs/glitches/etc. because we know it won’t have the same “quality” as a CoD for instance…or a Titanfall…

Nothing of what is saied above has to do with mental disorder…


In my case it is definitely mental disorder. I actually dislike the game. I play because of some OCD factors and just itchy fingers also.


“What’s good for you could kill your neighbour”…
What’s happening in your case can’t be extended to every players…

it’s like saying “I hate cats, so everyone should eradicate kittens”, despite the fact cats-lovers are included into the “everyone”


Read my initial post here again. Carefully.


This ?


Did you got offended with what he posted or what?

Most of us are still here because of addiction, reason which is closer to mental issues than anything else pointed by you above


Well…I frankly forgot about that…:sweat_smile:

But mental illnesses is a subjet I take more seriously than others…my reaction when you do a comment with this inside, is depending on my mood and how I feel your post (I mean the tone of the post coming from the writing…)