"Are you sure?" confirmation popup before taking an action

Sometimes, I lose entire battles because I always accidentally hit the wrong button. I lost 2 battles today because 1, I accidentally took back my drone, and 2, I accidentally shut down and lost to a legacy mech.

Now, I’m suggesting that for certain moves, the game will ask you “Are you sure?” if you accidentally touch it (especially in mobile). These certain moves should be when you retract your drone, when you shut down and you have less heat than your cooling, and etc.

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YES!!..that always happens to me…SO ANNOYING!!

I dont see any reason not to

Instead of “Are you sure” and ruining the game for everyone else that doesn’t need it, either 2 of these should happen:

  1. At most, just make the action work only if DOUBLE clicked, not single

  2. Just suck it up and look where you’re pressing. Who cares if you lost a star or two, just work harder and get them back


I’m sorry, but this would be equally annoying.

Just think of it, everytime you hit that certain button this window will pop up asking “Are you sure?”. It will not be pleasant.

Plus, there is no way a game can detect if you accidentally hit the button.

Accidentally or not, you’re still hitting a button. So it will still ask that question even if you pressed the button on purpose.

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add it as an option for everyone to double check BUT at the same time provide a small tick box which says “Donot ever ask me again” , so if u feel it annoys u it will stop showing up for u to double check.

Umm… I see your point but that kiiiindd of renders everything useless

Chicken means to prevent accidents but if we say do not ask again, then it may not prevent accidents like chicken wants it to

How about joining CLICKAHOLICS Anonymous and learn to stop thinking you have to click stuff using a millisecond time lapse. Try slowing down to a freakin second or 2 as you have 30 seconds per turn!!!

Just stop taking all that dam Adderall the doctor gave you and you’ll slow down instead of being Ricochet Rabbit.

I don’t want another thing that has to be clicked just to do 1 move because other players can’t slow the hell down.

just happened to me recently…I cant energy drain my enemy just because I accidentally clicked last words instead of malice beam :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::triumph:

Just remove the “Retract Drone” button. That thing is pointless, unless you’re deliberately trying to lose/give your opponent a chance.

When you refresh faceshocker at range 9

Never seen any player do this before.

When I use my physical mech fight with sarah (not sarah247, another sarah in game) And when we both get to range 9, her face shocker only have one use left, and we don’t have teleporter anymore, so she refresh it

15 PM

On mobile, especially for small phones, it is very hard to see what you are pressing.
Sometimes, on my ipod, the mobile version is so broken that some of the buttons dont work unless I slam my finger against the phone, and then often I press the wrong one

Needless to say I dont use mobile sm anymore


That Sarah is the real Sarah I think :slight_smile: